Lake St. Clair – Those Other Fish (Multi-species 1)

Not unlike ocean fishing, anglers who visit Lake St. Clair can expect the unexpected after a hookset. The next cast can bring in something you might not have heard of before or be a fish of a lifetime.

Neil Heisler with a musky from Lake St. Clair

One of the most exciting experiences and one that is not uncommon happens when a musky dials in on the bass we are bringing back to the boat and takes it away from us. Many a story have been told about musky encounters such as this. Sometimes the angler gets the bass back with teethmarks, occasionally they get half the bass back then at other times everything is taken away: the bass, the bait and the musky have become a memory. There are times though when we get our revenge and have an awesome photo to show for it like Neil Heisler does.

Another welcome addition to the mix are the walleye, otherwise known as “dinner.” The most likely time to hook up with walleye when fishing for bass is as the sun sets in the evening. One moment you

Alison with a Strawberry Ridge walleye

are hooking bass then as the light levels fall, the next thing you know aggressive walleye have moved into the spot. The most productive walleye week ever for me was when I was throwing my signature purple spinnerbait at the Firecracker marker. In a few days I had caught five walleyes with that spinnerbait and have not reproduced those results since. Walleyes showed up on a trip to Strawberry Ridge too in 2003 and my daughter Alison picked this one out of a school of bass.

Then there are the dreaded drum (sheepshead). Catching any fish is both fun and relaxing for me and drum are no exception. The only regret comes after I realize that the massive pull at the end of my line isn’t a state record smallmouth. This drum was taken in the North Channel of the St. Clair River.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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