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Lake St. Clair Bass Fishing Videos, Spring 2016

June 15, 2016

It has been a terrific bass catching season so far and we have it all documented on video for you. The best thing about St. Clair Report videos is that they contain relevant and timely information for the serious bass angler. Sure, we catch bass on the video but we also put you on spots, areas, techniques and baits that can work for you.

Here is the current lineup of videos:

Lake St Clair Bass Opening Day Prep 2016 Wayne Carpenter Jeff Ferraiuolo

Lake St Clair Bass Post Spawn 2016 Wayne Carpenter Pete VanVianen

Lake St Clair Bass Report Memorial Day 2016 Bob Mann

Lake St Clair Bass May 2016 Bob Mann Chris Hockley

Lake St Clair Bass Report 05 20 2016 Capt Wayne

Bass Report Lake St Clair 05 03 2016 Capt Wayne

Bass Report Lake St Clair 04 17 2016 Wayne Carpenter

Bob Mann 04 07 2016 Detroit River Walleye Report

Bob Mann 04 02 2016 Walleye Report

Bob Mann 03 27 2016 Walleye Bass Report

Walleye Report From City Launch Windsor Canada Bob Mann 03 12 2016

Bob Mann Early Season Walleye Report 03 06 2016

Bob Mann 2 22 2016 Ice Report

Bob Jigger Mann on the Mile Roads




Fresh News from Lake St Clair

March 26, 2016

Check out the latest news and information on Lake St. Clair at

  • Polar Vortex on the Way
  • Do Spring Caught Bass = Summer Bass?
  • Dan Kimmel named BASS Conservation Director of the Year
  • Spillway Bridge Closed
  • New Photos and Information for Launch Locations

St Clair Report Logo Enhanced


Canadian Mist Keeps on Rolling

July 29, 2015

We have new photos and confirmation that Xtreme Bass Tackle™ Canadian Mist continues to put fish in the boat. Thanks to Matt Kar (St. Catherines, Ontario), who although not disclosing the location of his catch has documented once again how Canadian Mist dominates the bait industry in catching smallmouth bass everywhere. Matt says that he primarily fishes the Niagara River, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. MattKar1 MattKar2 Thank you Matt for sharing this moment with us. Purchase Canadian Mist Tubes at Xtreme Bass Tackle or Call (877) 485-2223

St. Clair Smallmouth Liking New Tube Color: Sweet Green

May 12, 2015
Sweet Green OC

Xtreme Bass Tackle tube Sweet Green LE

Newly introduced in May of 2015, this tri-laminate tube has already made waves. Last weekend the Xtreme Bass Tackle™ staff took this limited edition bait out to play and got good results.

05-08-2015 Sweet Green BackwaterThe bite was slow on the Mile Roads so we moved down toward the Detroit River and found smallmouth bass cruising around everywhere that there was sand, rock and shallow water. Normally they chase down baits that are moving in the middle of the water column but not on the day we were there. As it turns out, they wanted the bait on the bottom and they wanted Sweet Green™. We ended up catching over half of our smallmouth on the 4″ Sweet Green™ tube.

The bait has a Formula G3™ back and Canadian Mist Lite™ belly that includes a chartreuse glow showing though the front half of the tube. The green pumpkin top and green glow on the bottom make up the dominant color of the bait. The highlight color and most likely the color trigger for this particular bait is the small purple flake that runs across the top and bottom along the full length of the tube.

05-08-2015 Sweet Green Ruins

Some of the backwater smallmouth were the biggest. Only 18″ but over 4 pounds

05-08-2015 Sweet Green Seawall

This Sweet Green smallmouth was brought up to the boat and the line broke off. Fifteen minutes later it was caught again and now he had two Sweet Green tubes in his mouth

“Visions of Canada glasses and Xtreme Bass Tackle new tubes helped me crush the big girls. Sweet day on the water!”

Not to be outdone, Canadian Pro Bob “Jigger” Mann and Capt. Mike McGrane took Sweet Green LE out a day later and generated action too. This first photo and text came in from Bob:

The next photo came in with a hefty smallmouth held up by Capt. Mike.

“Your new colour in drop-shot aggravated a lot of bass on their beds” Bob “Jigger” Mann

Looking to get your hands on some Sweet Green? Find them at:

Sportsman’s Direct 36072 Jefferson Ave, Harrison Twp., MI 48045 (586) 741-6052

Nautical Mile BP 9 Mile & Jefferson


ORDER AT: or call TOLL FREE at (877) 485-2223

Lake St. Clair – Those Other Fish (Multi-species #2)

August 20, 2014

May 20th, 2010

Andy Nester of Fenton, MI get\’s one that\’s a fish of a lifetime

Last Saturday also brought on a huge influx of those other fish that had no clue we were just fishing for bass.  It’s a good thing too!  Some anglers caught the fish of a lifetime and it just goes to show how diverse a fishery that Lake St. Clair really is.  That wasn’t the only one caught off of that boat Saturday.  A second musky was caught and released and the day had plenty of bass to keep it interesting in between.

Matt Bird has a lifetime of fishing experience behind him and appreciates a quality catch like this

After doing a fair share of pike fishing over the years lifting one out of the water by hand became something I was used to. Still, those toothy critters deserve some respect. It’s kinda like a backlash on a bait casting reel. I’ll make 200 casts then on cast 201 my concentration will lapse for a split second then the next thing you know I’m picking at the mono (or flouro, or braid) to get the loops out of the backlash. Well, picking up a pike or a musky can be the same kind of skill. No matter how many times you do it there isn’t much room for error as you can see in the last picture. In this case it isn’t my thumb but the thumb of one of our intrepid duo above. The last time this happened to me was when I was holding the musky under the gill area and it thrashed. I never lost control of the fish but its teeth grazed my thumb and that’s all it took to cut through the skin.

In spite of the dangers catching these freshwater barracuda is still amazing, but there’s more… Check out the photos from the DK Open on Saturday and you will see a couple more musky and a drum:

DK Open on Great Lakes Bass

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

Call in to WJOB 1230 AM (Indiana) for Wayne Carpenter on Lake St. Clair 6:30pm

June 27, 2014

That’s right!  Tonight on WJOB at 6:30pm (7:30pm est) I will be talking Lake St. Clair and smallmouth bass fishing tactics on the “Stray Casts” radio show.  Call in your questions at (219) 845-1100.  You can stream the broadcast at this website:

Click here to go to the WJOB website then click on the “Listen Now” button

Lake St. Clair Smallmouth Bite on the Increase

August 2, 2013

There is little doubt that the bite has picked up on Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River.  More and more we are seeing smallies chasing our hooked smallie up to the boat to try to take the bait away from it.  Down deep, the bass are coming back for a second or a third try after a missed hookset.  These are good days and a lot of fun.

One of the key reasons for the uptick in the bite is the shift in feeding habits from mayflies to baitfish.  Bass are coughing up baitfish on the way to the boat and on the boat.  We are seeing bass busting minnows on the surface, casting to them and catching them.  An unusual number of white bass schools on bass spots are another indicator that baitfish are present.

Marked Maps customers will find a record number of spots covered in Marked Maps Live! this week!

Don’t miss the Lake St. Clair Fishing Show this week (it should be posted by Saturday morning).  We cover “how to make small adjustments to get the big bite” and more!


NEW! Lake St. Clair Fishing Show – Bass Edition

June 14, 2013

Now you can get weekly updates on Lake St. Clair bass fishing from Combat Bass Fishing and Great Lakes Bass; powered by the expertise of Zowada Animated Productions!  We will be bringing you updates each Friday through the end of September on the latest on bass behavior, location, tournament coverage and more!

So enjoy the ride (we are) and click on the links below to get started making your Lake St. Clair experience the best that it can be!



David Hasty, FLW Co-Angler Winner on Detroit River

August 25, 2012

Captain David Hasty – Erie’s Edge Guide Service

David Hasty strings together three days worth of smallmouth to top the co-angler field at the FLW Outdoors tournament on the Detroit River, MI (August 23 – 26)!  His total weight of 55-02 lbs. put him eleven ounces ahead of his closest rival.

Dave called in after day two to let me know that the reason he was in contention was because of the Xtreme Bass Tackle™, Canadian Mist tube.  On stage Saturday Dave said that, and that he caught his last fish on a crankbait to put him over the top with only three minutes to go.  This makes a 13th top 10 finish for Dave on the Detroit River.

While asked what made it happen for him this week Dave immediately thanked all of his boaters who put in the work to line up spots and get him near big fish. Next he thanked his Dad for sharing “tips and tricks” with him over the years. “He taught me that when it gets slow, to grind it out,” Dave said.

Xtreme Bass Tackle™ Canadian Mist

He then turned to the baits that made it happen and said that Xtreme Baits, Canadian Mist by Wayne Carpenter helped him to put together those stringers. You can order it now from the Xtreme Bass Tackle™ website or by calling TOLL FREE (877) 485-2223.

Insert this high quality, cam action device right into where you’re old knob used to be!

Not only does Dave enjoy the winner’s circle but he has also made our day on the water more enjoyable by inventing the “Quick-Slip™.” If you are tired of cranking that little knob to raise or lower your trolling motor then the “Quick-Slip™” is the answer for you. This high quality, cam action lever takes a painful turn of a knob into an instant, quick release and reset of your trolling motor position with little effort. You can order it now from the Erie’s Edge website under OUR PRODUCTS.
When it becomes available, you can find the day 3 weigh-in and more at:  FLW Detroit River Videos

410 Lake St. Clair Bass Fishing Spots in Marked Maps HD Complete

June 23, 2012

Fishing the big water just got a lot easier with Lake St. Clair Marked Maps HD Complete™.  With 27 laminated maps assembled into a single chart book this NEW product release has already made an impact for anglers who are serious about crushing the learning curve and getting up to speed on Lake St. Clair smallmouth bass in a hurry.

The new Marked Maps HD Complete chart book released for sale on 06/09/2012

With “Spot Level Detail™” for 410 spots in both the U.S. and Canada you can get instant access to over a decade of compiled Combat Bass Fishing information for the following areas:

  • Fair Haven
  • New Baltimore
  • Selfridge
  • Strawberry Island
  • Metro Beach
  • The Mile Roads
  • Grosse Point Shores
  • Windmill Point
  • Askins Point
  • The Belle Hump
  • Stoney Point
  • Mitchell’s Bay
  • The Stakes 2
  • The Stakes 1
  • The Firecracker
  • St. Clair Light
  • Lower South Channel
  • Upper South Channel
  • Upper North Channel
  • Lower North Channel
  • The Sni
  • Upper Middle Channel
  • Middle Middle Channel
  • Lower Middle Channel
  • Russel Island North
  • Fawn Island South
  • Fawn Island

To order your set of Marked Maps™ visit the Xtreme Bass Tackle website or call TOLL FREE (877) 485-2223

Registered owners of a previous version of Marked Maps Series #1 or Series #2 are eligible for a trade-in discount