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Lake St. Clair Canadian Opener 2013, Smallmouth On The Move

June 21, 2013

cbf_goodThis Saturday, the fourth Saturday in June, Canadian waters is open to bass anglers.  After over a month and a half of catch and release on the U.S. side, the obvious conclusion is to go after those bass that are untouched.  Nothing wrong with that logic…so many top quality spots become available like Askin’s Point to Pike Creek, the Belle River Hump, Stoney Point, Mitchel’s Bay, the Stakes, the Horseshoe and the Firecracker.

No matter what country you fish in, the order of the day is to target transition spots.  Post-spawn bass are clearly on the move and in a feeding mood.  Finding the hottest spots without pre-fishing can be a challenge.  With a day or two on the water it isn’t too hard to line up the best fishing by hitting all the popular spots, gauging the bite then figuring out where the strongest concentration of smallies are.

The good news is if you happen on to one of these transition spots, the bite is simply phenomenal.  Some spots fish similar to pre-spawn where you can fan cast around the boat and load up but a higher percentage of spots fish best right now with optimum boat positioning and targeted casts.


Mayfly Hatches/Slicks

Slicks are becoming more prominent.  We are still seeing more smaller mayflies on the U.S. side but this week found big slicks of husks from large mayflies on the Canadian side.  Here is a video of a slick and scale photo of the husks from spot #11 in the Marked Map Series:

Mayfly Size

Mayfly husks from that slick shown to scale


On Marked Map spot #13 we found this kind of water clarity:


This buoy cropped up at Marked Map spot #16.  It’s marking a tree branch in 7 feet of water.  We didn’t find any bass on it this trip but there will most likely be bass on it every day from here through the end of summer.

New Buoy


Three bass (Note: Multiple bass were caught on the Xtreme Bass Tackle St. Clair Goby NFT tube).

Week 2 Fat Smallie Week 2 Smallie 1 Week 2 Smallie on NFT


Here is the layout on the weed growth at Marked Map spot #15:

For more information on Lake St. Clair, click on this link and see the NEW LAKE ST. CLAIR FISHING SHOW – Bass Edition!

For Tackle & Marked Maps:

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Lake St. Clair Smallmouth, Post-Spawn Self Defense

June 16, 2013

cbf_goodWe are seeing a strong post-spawn pattern right now.  The bite ranges from a neutral bite on big fish to an active bite with smaller fish.  In the mix you can find some gems like a mayfly bite that can appear at any moment.  One thing though is for sure…the post-spawn feeders are inhaling the plastic baits down into their gullet.

During this period, the smallies take the bait down in their throat way too far.  No matter how fast one sets the hook.  It is a characteristic of this “bite” period but fortunately, there is usually something that can be done about it.

Traditionally, the most likely plastic color to be taken in too deeply is any plastic color that has copper flake in it.  There will be others, but copper has been the one most likely to cause problems.  The good news is that the post-spawn feeders are so aggressive, they will eat baits in a wide color range.  The most effective thing to do is to keep with the bait style that you are using, then switch to a different color.  In the next fish or two you will see:

(1) That you are, or are not catching smallmouth with the same frequency and…

(2) How deep that they are taking the bait in.  That alone should be enough to solve the problem but for more about post-spawn self defense, see this week’s edition (on Friday) of the Lake St. Clair Fishing show.

See you on-the-water,

Capt. Wayne

Cool Weather, Hot Bite on Smallmouth Bass on Lake St. Clair This Week

June 7, 2013

Cooler temperatures just couldn’t slow down the bite with the “main body” spawn in full swing.  We are enjoying those active days on Lake St. Clair that bring in folks from all over the country.  The type of fishing where both anglers in the boat are catching and as they put the boat on the trailer to leave that day, they both know that they are leaving biting fish.

Wayne 4-15 with Capt. Mike 2 600One day on the boat with Capt. Mike McGrane was one of those days.  We spent our time south of Lake St. Clair Metropark and found steady numbers of spawning smallmouth, with an occasional largemouth mixed in. Capt. Mike was the host on this trip.  He picked apart the structure with deadly efficiency while working the bass at a variety of depths.  As a guest on his boat, I spent the balance of my time rotating through colors and presentations, trying to gauge the bite.  Even though Capt. Mike was hooking up with twice as many bass as I was, I managed to pick up this 4 lb. 15 oz. smallmouth at the end of the day.  The second bass is Capt. Mike’s.  We ended the day with a double!

ImageThe next trip out was with my friend, Rick Glanz.  For years we have been making trips out to the Lake but this one will be one that won’t be forgotten.  It started off with a fast biting school of largemouth that had taken up around a rock pile.  They bit everything we threw but the 5″ Canadian Mist X-worm had Rick dialed in on the best of them.  The picture of Rick here just shows one of the average largemouth but we got a look at the real monster (4 lbs or better) as it got off, right at the boat.  They were hitting topwater too!  Once the school of largemouth moved off the spot I caught a couple of smallmouth then the rock bass started blasting the topwater bait…really!

We hit a few more spots with mixed results then at the end of our day, about one in the afternoon, things got interesting.  We were floating in six feet of crystal clear water with smallmouth cruising all around our boat.  I’ve been in this situation many times before and the bass are normally skittish.  Today, they were curious!  So curious that it wasn’t a matter of “if” the smallmouth were going to hit, it was a matter of “when.”

Rick with Smallmouth 600Rick was hooking up with the Canadian Mist drop-shot tube.  Many times, all he had to do was drop it straight down off the boat then watch the smallies come up to it, check it out, then take it in.  At first I was throwing a 4″ St. Clair Goby NFT tube on an 1/8 oz. tube jig and getting smallies to hit as the bait was on its way to the bottom, or on the bottom.  Around the boat, there were active, post-spawn smallies busting the surface from time-to-time.  I had to trolling motor up to some of them but it was worth it.  On casting to surface activity, I was three smallies on five tries.

Even though we were doubling up and having fun, I couldn’t resist changing up one more time.  Because these bass were so curious, it seemed like a perfect time to bring out…the “Whopper Popper.”

ImageNow Rick isn’t the first person to comment on my unlikely chances for success by bringing a bobber to a smallmouth fight, but the first cast quickly settled that issue.  By putting a Canadian Mist drop-shot tube (with a ball jig and a 2/0 hook inserted halfway into it) into play, I proceeded to rack up more doubles with Rick.  It was a fast and furious finish to a day that neither of us will ever forget.


Mayflies Selfridge 06-05-2013The mayfly hatches have started, but not all species are the same color or generate the same bite.  Prior to launching, we found these mayflies on shore.  They look more black than anything else and they are small.  About 1/2 the size of the mayfly species that seems to generate the best bite.  Keep your eye out for the larger ones that tend to shade toward a cream color in the belly and if you look closely, they have a chartreuse stripe on their wings.  When you see those, the mayfly bite is on!  BTW – Did I mention that Xtreme Bass Tackle has a tube design based on several of the most productive species of mayfly?  It’s called, Mayfly

Click here to read a blog on how to fish the “Mayfly” tube

You can order Xtreme Bass Tackle baits at or call TOLL FREE at (877) 485-2223

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Xtreme Bass Tackle Grand Opening at Jack’s Sports Shop in Kalkaska, Michigan

May 24, 2013


Welcome, Jack’s Sports Shop to the family of Xtreme Bass Tackle products distributors!  Stop in this Saturday at Jack’s in Kalkaska Michigan to get any of the full line of 4″ custom premium and triple laminate tubes available!


Lake St. Clair Bass Opener 2013 (Catch and Release)

April 26, 2013

It’s been a long wait but tomorrow morning we can all load up our boats, our tackle and go chase smallies once again!  Of course this spring is a wide departure from the one that we had last year.  We’ll have to fish a little slower and because of the marginal water conditions, a little closer to structure when possible.

Keep in mind that the bass tend to feed in the mid ranges of the water column during this period so although you may do fine catching them off of the bottom, pulling a very slow moving crankbait at about 1/2 the depth can be deadly.

Color can make a difference on the margins but for the most part, the bass will eat just about anything right now.  I am reminded of one trip though with my good friend Chuck, where he smacked me around pretty good by putting a black worm on a jig head this time of year.  If you are a float ‘n fly fan or fish my drop-shot tubes under a bobber, I would recommend that too.

NEW FOR 2013!Marked Maps Live!™ now has a Pre-fish category that is being used to point out spots in the system where the bass have been seasonally strong, based on Combat Bass Fishing data.  If you are a Marked Maps owner you can subscribe to this live information service which now has the Pre-fish category and have the best information available for bass anglers on Lake St. Clair.

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Clearance Section


and more…

See you on the water tomorrow…

Capt. Wayne Carpenter

(877) 485-2223


David Hasty, FLW Co-Angler Winner on Detroit River

August 25, 2012

Captain David Hasty – Erie’s Edge Guide Service

David Hasty strings together three days worth of smallmouth to top the co-angler field at the FLW Outdoors tournament on the Detroit River, MI (August 23 – 26)!  His total weight of 55-02 lbs. put him eleven ounces ahead of his closest rival.

Dave called in after day two to let me know that the reason he was in contention was because of the Xtreme Bass Tackle™, Canadian Mist tube.  On stage Saturday Dave said that, and that he caught his last fish on a crankbait to put him over the top with only three minutes to go.  This makes a 13th top 10 finish for Dave on the Detroit River.

While asked what made it happen for him this week Dave immediately thanked all of his boaters who put in the work to line up spots and get him near big fish. Next he thanked his Dad for sharing “tips and tricks” with him over the years. “He taught me that when it gets slow, to grind it out,” Dave said.

Xtreme Bass Tackle™ Canadian Mist

He then turned to the baits that made it happen and said that Xtreme Baits, Canadian Mist by Wayne Carpenter helped him to put together those stringers. You can order it now from the Xtreme Bass Tackle™ website or by calling TOLL FREE (877) 485-2223.

Insert this high quality, cam action device right into where you’re old knob used to be!

Not only does Dave enjoy the winner’s circle but he has also made our day on the water more enjoyable by inventing the “Quick-Slip™.” If you are tired of cranking that little knob to raise or lower your trolling motor then the “Quick-Slip™” is the answer for you. This high quality, cam action lever takes a painful turn of a knob into an instant, quick release and reset of your trolling motor position with little effort. You can order it now from the Erie’s Edge website under OUR PRODUCTS.
When it becomes available, you can find the day 3 weigh-in and more at:  FLW Detroit River Videos

Lake St. Clair Smallies Feeding Hard

May 29, 2012

Captain Mike McGrane with a rare big largemouth caught way offshore

Follow the groups of boats and you’ll find bass in the post-spawn blues.  Follow the break into deeper water and you’ll find Lake St. Clair post-spawn smallmouth feeding hard!

Captain Mike McGrane and I spent  a few hours checking out the “Mile Roads” to research the status of the fishery where it concerns smallmouth

We happened on to a school of post-spawn feeders in the 2 1/2 lb. to 3 1/2 lb. range that just wouldn’t quit.  The fun part was that we could work a range of baits to study the bite.  Here’s what we found:


Triple Threat™     Formula G3™      Canadian Mist     St. Clair Goby NFT™


Erie Goby    Great Lakes Craw™


Deep diving crankbaits

Getting on a school like this gives us a great opportunity to try different baits and presentations under ideal conditions.  I did pull out an “Alabama Rig” for awhile but found that there were some logistical issues that needed to be worked out.  I then went back to catching fish the old fashioned way.

They just kept coming, and coming and coming…

Even though there is a main body of bass that are finishing up the spawn and are into the post-spawn blues you can find groups of bass that are already past that and on the feed if you are willing to cover some water.  It can take hours to find the exact spot that works but it can be worth it.  Post-spawners tend to roam yet at times they will pile up on a spot enmasse and feel the need to eat now, now, now!

By “opening day” all the bass should be in this mood and ready to play!

Detailed information of where we caught these bass on Memorial Day is available to Marked Maps owners who subscribe to Marked Maps Live!

Formula G3™ Back in Stock!

May 8, 2012

From time-to-time Xtreme Bass Tackle gets a run on a bait and a shortage ensues.  Normally it’s St. Clair Crayfish but early this season there has been a rush for the Reaper Products custom color: Formula G3XBT just got an emergency order in to satisfy demand right for now but we are still waiting on the order to come in to bring the Formula G3 inventory back to full levels.  If you had a backorder on that color it has been shipped.  Thanks everyone for your patience and enthusiasm for the #2 color for all time, Formula G3!


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Speedpro Macomb to the Rescue

February 9, 2012

Getting ready for the Ultimate Fishing Show Detroitwas moving along at the normal pace; there’s always one more thing that needs to be done but no more time to do it.  Still, turning over the

This is the banner that Speedpro did for the new Triple Threat bait

possibilities in my mind about getting a banner done for the new Xtreme Bass Tackle Triple Threat™ bait was a priority.  If I just not sleep for the next 24 hours I can run here and there to get it done.  Perhaps if I leave a tooth (these days a loose crown might have to do) under my pillow the tooth fairy might leave me a slick banner in its place.  I still didn’t have an answer until Ryan, from Speedpro Macomb walked by my unfinished booth and asked if there were any banners that he could do for us.

I’ve heard this pitch dozens of times but this time was different.  The answer that I had been looking for had arrived and yes,  now I will sleep tonight and keep my crown on a little longer too.  We exchanged the particulars and he committed to bringing the poster(s) (Hey, might as well do two if you’re going to do one) to the show when it opened the next day.

This is the Quick-Slip banner in the booth

The next day he brought the banners for the new Triple Threat bait and the Erie’s Edge Quick-Slip and my booth was complete.  I just want people to know about the great service, price and product that I received from the good people at Speedpro Macomb and to send you to their website where you can find out more about them.

They do:

Retail/Commercial Branding
Full Color Banners/Signage
Vehicle Wraps/Fleet Graphics
Displays/Exhibits/Banner Stands

and more…

Thank you again Speedpro for helping to make the Xtreme Bass Tackle booth a success at the Ultimate Fishing Show Detroit!

Speedpro Macomb
16001 Leone Dr
Macomb Township, Michigan 48042