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Lake St. Clair Smallies Feeding Hard

May 29, 2012

Captain Mike McGrane with a rare big largemouth caught way offshore

Follow the groups of boats and you’ll find bass in the post-spawn blues.  Follow the break into deeper water and you’ll find Lake St. Clair post-spawn smallmouth feeding hard!

Captain Mike McGrane and I spent  a few hours checking out the “Mile Roads” to research the status of the fishery where it concerns smallmouth

We happened on to a school of post-spawn feeders in the 2 1/2 lb. to 3 1/2 lb. range that just wouldn’t quit.  The fun part was that we could work a range of baits to study the bite.  Here’s what we found:


Triple Threat™     Formula G3™      Canadian Mist     St. Clair Goby NFT™


Erie Goby    Great Lakes Craw™


Deep diving crankbaits

Getting on a school like this gives us a great opportunity to try different baits and presentations under ideal conditions.  I did pull out an “Alabama Rig” for awhile but found that there were some logistical issues that needed to be worked out.  I then went back to catching fish the old fashioned way.

They just kept coming, and coming and coming…

Even though there is a main body of bass that are finishing up the spawn and are into the post-spawn blues you can find groups of bass that are already past that and on the feed if you are willing to cover some water.  It can take hours to find the exact spot that works but it can be worth it.  Post-spawners tend to roam yet at times they will pile up on a spot enmasse and feel the need to eat now, now, now!

By “opening day” all the bass should be in this mood and ready to play!

Detailed information of where we caught these bass on Memorial Day is available to Marked Maps owners who subscribe to Marked Maps Live!

Formula G3™ Back in Stock!

May 8, 2012

From time-to-time Xtreme Bass Tackle gets a run on a bait and a shortage ensues.  Normally it’s St. Clair Crayfish but early this season there has been a rush for the Reaper Products custom color: Formula G3XBT just got an emergency order in to satisfy demand right for now but we are still waiting on the order to come in to bring the Formula G3 inventory back to full levels.  If you had a backorder on that color it has been shipped.  Thanks everyone for your patience and enthusiasm for the #2 color for all time, Formula G3!


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May 2, 2012

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Triple Threat™ Strikes First At Kentucky Lake

April 23, 2012

NEW for 2012 - Triple Threat™

The first report is in on the NEW Xtreme Bass TackleTri-Laminate tube color for 2012, Triple Threat™: The bass just couldn’t leave it alone!

The 4″ Triple Threat™ came through for a customer who called me after making a long weekend trip to Kentucky Lake recently.  “They wouldn’t let the bait sit there, they got on it right away,” is how he described the bite.  Throughout the course of the trip the water quality changed from clear to stained but it never slowed the bite down.

Although he does not consider himself a tube fisherman, in recent years Xtreme Bass Tackle™ baits have become a bigger part of his arsenal.  As soon as Triple Threat™ came out he ordered them in anticipation of his first trips out to chase bass.  As with other tube colors like Canadian Mist, Formula G3™ and St. Clair Crayfish™ that he has developed confidence in over the years, he now considers Triple Threat™ a “go to” bait and will have it tied on for his next trip out.

(All information, information shared and bait purchases are confidential.  In this case the angler has given Bass To The Future™ permission to discuss the bait name and location for the enrichment of the bass fishing experience for others.)

The Xtreme Bass Tackle™ – Brown Craw™ makes a comeback

August 7, 2011

4" Brown Craw tube

This bait was introduced in 2007 along with Sand Craw™, Green Craw™, Hybrid Craw™ and Golden Goby™.  Along with Sand Craw™, the Xtreme Bass Tackle Brown Craw™ has distinguished itself as one of the top baits of that year class.  It is effective all year long on both Great Lakes and inland waters.  It is hard to find a better tube color for August through Fall for Lake St. Clair and connecting waters.  It is going to be available in a limited quantity again this August and advance orders have already been taken.  Get a good supply of Brown Craw™ just in time for the “big fish” time of the year before supplies run out.

Bait specs™: Laminated tube – Green pumpkin with small orange and small chartreuse flake on top, a clear belly with true copper flake, small chartreuse flake and medium black flake on the bottom.

As soon as it comes in you can find this bait at:

Nautical Mile BP Tackle Shop – 9 Mile and Jefferson (586) 498-7650

The Bait and Tackle Box – Jefferson and Grosse Ile Parkway (734) 301-3281

Xtreme Bass Tackle or (877) 485-2223

(c) 2011 Wayne Carpenter

Xtreme Bass Tackle Baits now at the Bait and Tackle Box – Trenton, MI

August 7, 2011

If you’re launching from Elizabeth Park or Lake Erie Metropark you can now load up on Xtreme Bass Tackle baits nearby.  The Bait and Tackle Box is well stocked and ready to cater to bass anglers of all types.  You will find the parking excellent for boats with trailers and other items you might need like drinks or ice for the day.  When you go in expect to see Paul, Charlie or the owner Dave and expect to get good quality information about the baits and what has been happening on Lake Erie and the Detroit River.

This is the display when it started. It has since been expanded and you will find the top baits at the front of the store

As of this writing The Bait and Tackle Box is the only store with 4″ St. Clair Crayfish™ tubes which have sold out everywhere.  They carry Xtreme Bass Tackle 4″ tubes, 5″ tubes, drop-shot tubes, X-worms, Skirted Twin Tails, Creature Baits, jigs, books, DVD’s and more.

This location couldn’t be more convenient…it’s right at Jefferson and Grosse Ile Parkway!

(c) 2011 Wayne Carpenter

Lake St. Clair – Another Toad Succumbs to Muskegon Goby

August 27, 2010

The bite on Lake St. Clair has been showing some signs of trending toward fall patterns and the Xtreme Bass Tackle tube bait, Muskegon Goby fits right into the slot when it comes to fall bait color selection. Just ask Frank Keller (Croswell, MI) about his recent success:

This 5.7 lb. smallie was caught on Tuesday, 08/24/2010 on a 4 inch Muskegon Goby tube in Lake St. Clair

Congratulations Frank and the rest of us will be right behind you!

Photo of a goby from Muskegon Lake (above) Muskegon Goby tube by Xtreme Bass Tackle

Xtreme Bass Tackle Muskegon Goby tubes can be found now at Nautical Mile BP Tackle Shop at 9 Mile and Jefferson.

(c) Wayne Carpenter

David Hasty Leads BASS Northern Open on Day 1

August 20, 2010

Captain David Hasty at the fishing show this year.

Captain David Hasty leads the BASS Northern Open after day one with 22-3 lbs.

The following top three results are from the REALTIME LEADERBOARD at:

Pro Division
1 David Hasty 5 bass for 22- 3
2 Scott Dobson 5 bass for 21-12
3 Chris King 5 bass for 21- 6

Co-angler Division
1 Christopher Helfer 3 bass for 13- 9
2 Joseph Nega 3 bass for 12-14
3 William Schwartz 3 bass for 12-11

David talks about his day one strategy and what he caught his fish on including upgrading with Xtreme Bass Tackle baits. See video interview of David from the BASSCam by clicking here

Get more information about the event at:

BASS Northern Open front page

You can book at trip with Captain David by contacting him at Erie’s Edge Guide Service.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

Lake St. Clair – Lake or River?

July 22, 2010

It’s the annual tipping point to decide  between chasing Lake St. Clair lake fish or river fish. The lure of the big bite in the river is almost impossible to ignore for even the most die hard lake angler yet there are no guarantees. The smallmouth bite over the last two years has shown moments of brilliance but easy 20 lb. sacks have been harder to find. The hot years are the best of all yet 2008 was a hot year and also the best fishing season I have ever seen on this fishery yet the river schools were small and tight to structure. No-one really knows how the river bite during the summer months of 2010 will work out but the hot weather we have had so far gives it the best chance to be outstanding. Stay tuned.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

Lake St. Clair Bass Fishing – Awareness

July 20, 2010

Lake St. Clair in low light conditions. An awesome place to be.

It was such a decent evening with winds just strong enough to keep the insects at bay yet light enough to allow an ease of navigation. It was one of those times where even fine boat control techniques could be freely used. All the usual Lake St. Clair elements were there with the ships going up and down the shipping channel, terns squawking overhead, the occasional cruiser wake to manage and the bass were biting. In the distance we could see dark clouds and heard a continuous rumbling that sounded like thunder, yet there was no rain in the forecast. We chalked it up to something being done at Selfridge AFB but it was still impossible to completely ignore the sky.

It’s days like these that can push the memories back of spearing waves and managing multiple drift socks to stay on fish. In fact it is amazing how a day like this can bleed off the stress of the job with every mile from shore and every bass put in the boat. It wasn’t even the ultimate fishing day with four and five pound bass jumping in the boat but is was an ultimate experience to share with my friend Scott as we worked our way through various structures to find the bass that were available.

Scott during a previous trip in Anchor Bay

Popping a 3 lb. smallmouth on a piece of river structure that might not have had any fish at all yet was cool. Really cool was to see Scott with his fluid spinnerbait hookset pull the biggest smallie caught off this one structure in 10 years. At one point I mentioned to him that it seemed like the mouth of the smallmouth was even smaller this year and asked him if he had noticed that too? For whatever reason lipping smallies has been a chore for me this season. It could just be the old age and eyesight thing but I swear their mouths were bigger before. It’s a good thing to have a friend around who will humor you though as Scott proceeded to struggle with one smallmouth at the side of the boat and mentioned that what I said just might be true.

It was the third time this year where the trip back required the navigation lights to be turned on and the wisdom to travel back at a moderate speed just in case something I couldn’t avoid was floating in the now black expanse before me. No matter what this big body of what throws at me next time it can never take away the memory of this trip and the value of good times spent recharging the spirit with the promise that we will do it again, soon.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter