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Big Smallmouth in Fall on Lake St. Clair

October 13, 2014

Fall is a special time of year to chase smallmouth bass on Lake St. Clair. The bass are schooled up, aggressive and it is the time of year where you have the potential to catch the bass of a lifetime. Reports have been coming in about bigger smallies and tournament weights are up.

One one recent scouting trip we caught several including this 4 lb. 14oz smallmouth on a crankbait and others like this 3 1/2 lb. smallmouth caught on an Xtreme Bass Tackle St. Clair Goby NFT™ drop-shot tube. Both were caught in Canadian waters.

Caught in 8 feet of water on a crankbait this smallie went 4 lbs. 14 oz.

Caught in 8 feet of water on a crankbait this smallie went 4 lbs. 14 oz.

This one was only 3 1/2 lbs but it was in an area with many more smallmouth in 18 feet of water

This one was only 3 1/2 lbs but it was in an area with many more smallmouth in 18 feet of water

St. Clair River Channel Smallmouth Range September 2014

September 3, 2014

The biggest pattern for bass in the St. Clair River is depth. Once you dial that in you can run up and down the system and be on or around smallmouth everywhere you stop. In hot summers it is not unusual to hook bass in as deep as 55 feet of water but cool summers you need to make an adjustment.

In the big picture we can make that adjustment as deep or less deep and be pretty close. If you are fishing in competition, a tighter read on the quality of smallmouth at a specific depth can mean everything. What we have here are video cuts of smallmouth seen on a single drift (about 100 yards) in 26 to 33 feet of water. We made a drift before this in 18 to 25 feet where we didn’t see nearly as many. If you look closely at the video you will see one bass that is the biggest.

Another factor in river fishing is the presence of other species. Catching a walleye or a drum is a solid indicator that the smallmouth are nearby.

For more video about fishing on Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River get the No Secrets on Lake St. Clair DVD™ on the Xtreme Bass Tackle™ website.

It’s St Clair River Smallmouth Time

August 7, 2014

Wayne 5 Plus 08-07-2014Every year we go through a cycle which starts with “ice out” and continues through the summer period we have now where the smallmouth begin to occupy the St. Clair River.  I was out today with Lowell Reich working the St. Clair River and came up with this…a five pound plus smallmouth! Marked Maps Live! customers can log in and see exactly where this smallmouth was caught and under what conditions.  The photo might not be great but this bass was.  It fought every way it could below and above water and provided us with a great moment to share about a day on Lake St. Clair!

Xtreme Bass Tackle Grand Opening In Canada!

July 8, 2014

Maple LeafGo to Hastings Marine in Norwood, Ontario to get the tubes you need to catch those finicky smallmouth!  The store is freshly stocked with tournament proven colors like Triple Threat™, St. Clair Crayfish™, Formula G3™, Canadian Mist and more.  Fill up those tubes with Mustad Ultrapoint 4/0 black nickel round bend hooks while you are at it too!

Hastings Banner New1456 Drysdale Road, Norwood, ON K0L2V0


We welcome Hastings Marine to the Xtreme Bass Tackle family!

Xtreme Bass Tackle Alewife Tube – New for 2014

March 7, 2014


Alewife is the latest in a relentless effort on the part of Xtreme Bass Tackle to bring the very best competitive tools in the field of competitive bass fishing.  If the year 2013 taught us one thing about the feeding habits of smallmouth bass, they were feeding at the surface and in the mid-ranges of the water column like rarely seen before.  Their prey…the alewife!

During research outings we cast at schools of bass chasing minnows to the surface.  With the baits that we had available we had limited success.  We could see the big bass but most of the time they would pass up what we were offering.  The ones we did catch would throw alewife up on the deck of the boat.  That’s when I decided a new bait design would be the advantage we were looking for.

Alewife Tube White

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Lake St. Clair Serves up Big Smallmouth to “Jigger” on Canadian Mist

May 10, 2013

Early season fishing can be fun with numbers and it’s also the time to pick up some of the biggest smallmouth bass that you’ll see all season.  On a trip this week (May 7th, 2013) Bob “Jigger” Mann Sr. (Canada) was throwing an Xtreme Bass Tackle 4″ Canadian Mist tube on the U.S. side and picked up this beauty on his second cast.


Bob was fishing at the bottom end of Lake St. Clair (Michigan) around the area near Windmill Point.  Marked Map HD owners can find out where this smallmouth was caught by looking up spot #9 on the Windmill Point Marked Map.  Marked Maps Live! subscribers can see Jigger’s “Live!” report posted for 5/7/2013.

While he was fishing, a freighter ran aground nearby.  Bob took some time out of his busy fishing day to snap off this picture.


After the picture was taken he was busy for the next couple of days with CBC radio and CBC TV talking about the event.  His pictures were used on TV and on the radio station website (‎) for May 8th.

Thanks for the report Bob!  Keep ’em coming!

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Lake St. Clair Week 1, East Winds Dominate

May 3, 2013

Relentless East winds continue to harass the U.S. shoreline after the catch and release opener last Saturday.  The bass have become more active as water temperatures rise but the real action will start as soon as we get a wind shift, if the warmer weather (both days and nights) holds.

Last Saturday I had the privilege of fishing with Capt. Mike McGrane and we caught smallmouth and largemouth up and down the section on Lake St. Clair that we call the “Mile Roads.”  I’ve got a short, but fuzzy video from the trip:

There was a fair amount of action at Memorial Park and the heaviest fishing pressure was there.  One other spot along that shore had twice the fishing pressure that Memorial Park had and we put into the reports on Marked Maps Live!

Marked Maps owners can sign up for live reports directly off the website at Marked Maps Live! or call TOLL FREE at 877-485-2223.

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David Hasty, FLW Co-Angler Winner on Detroit River

August 25, 2012

Captain David Hasty – Erie’s Edge Guide Service

David Hasty strings together three days worth of smallmouth to top the co-angler field at the FLW Outdoors tournament on the Detroit River, MI (August 23 – 26)!  His total weight of 55-02 lbs. put him eleven ounces ahead of his closest rival.

Dave called in after day two to let me know that the reason he was in contention was because of the Xtreme Bass Tackle™, Canadian Mist tube.  On stage Saturday Dave said that, and that he caught his last fish on a crankbait to put him over the top with only three minutes to go.  This makes a 13th top 10 finish for Dave on the Detroit River.

While asked what made it happen for him this week Dave immediately thanked all of his boaters who put in the work to line up spots and get him near big fish. Next he thanked his Dad for sharing “tips and tricks” with him over the years. “He taught me that when it gets slow, to grind it out,” Dave said.

Xtreme Bass Tackle™ Canadian Mist

He then turned to the baits that made it happen and said that Xtreme Baits, Canadian Mist by Wayne Carpenter helped him to put together those stringers. You can order it now from the Xtreme Bass Tackle™ website or by calling TOLL FREE (877) 485-2223.

Insert this high quality, cam action device right into where you’re old knob used to be!

Not only does Dave enjoy the winner’s circle but he has also made our day on the water more enjoyable by inventing the “Quick-Slip™.” If you are tired of cranking that little knob to raise or lower your trolling motor then the “Quick-Slip™” is the answer for you. This high quality, cam action lever takes a painful turn of a knob into an instant, quick release and reset of your trolling motor position with little effort. You can order it now from the Erie’s Edge website under OUR PRODUCTS.
When it becomes available, you can find the day 3 weigh-in and more at:  FLW Detroit River Videos

The “Summer Bite” Is On!

July 4, 2012

What a relief to pull up to a spot and catch bass on the same spot on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc…  That’s an indicator that the “Summer Bite” is on!  It’s my favorite time of year because now, strategy is everything.  What spot to fish at what time of day, what direction to present the bait, is the bait presented on the bottom or up off of the bottom, what color will work best today; All these things and more are now in play.

Here is the way I see the seasonal trends on Lake St. Clair:

Pre-spawn, spawn, post-spawn, post-spawn feed, summer bite, fall transition, fall

Each seasonal change presents it’s unique opportunities and challenges but the “Summer Bite” seems to present the widest bite range that gives us a chance to use all of our skills sets to catch the most or biggest fish.

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410 Lake St. Clair Bass Fishing Spots in Marked Maps HD Complete

June 23, 2012

Fishing the big water just got a lot easier with Lake St. Clair Marked Maps HD Complete™.  With 27 laminated maps assembled into a single chart book this NEW product release has already made an impact for anglers who are serious about crushing the learning curve and getting up to speed on Lake St. Clair smallmouth bass in a hurry.

The new Marked Maps HD Complete chart book released for sale on 06/09/2012

With “Spot Level Detail™” for 410 spots in both the U.S. and Canada you can get instant access to over a decade of compiled Combat Bass Fishing information for the following areas:

  • Fair Haven
  • New Baltimore
  • Selfridge
  • Strawberry Island
  • Metro Beach
  • The Mile Roads
  • Grosse Point Shores
  • Windmill Point
  • Askins Point
  • The Belle Hump
  • Stoney Point
  • Mitchell’s Bay
  • The Stakes 2
  • The Stakes 1
  • The Firecracker
  • St. Clair Light
  • Lower South Channel
  • Upper South Channel
  • Upper North Channel
  • Lower North Channel
  • The Sni
  • Upper Middle Channel
  • Middle Middle Channel
  • Lower Middle Channel
  • Russel Island North
  • Fawn Island South
  • Fawn Island

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