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Catch the Lake St. Clair WebTV Network Show This Week

September 18, 2010

New broadcast every Friday by 9pm


This week the broadcast covers:

NBAA Double Barrel Shootout Season Finale – With an interview with tournament director Paul Sacks

NBAA Sunday St. Clair Challenge Season Finale – With an interview with tournament director Pete Lusis.



THE BIG 10 CHAMPIONSHIP held on Lake St. Clair on October 2nd & 3rd
These college age anglers are coming in from all around the region and can use your help with providing a boat for practice on Saturday and/or the tournament on Sunday. This is a super event and an opportunity to give something back to the sport. Contact Cameron at:

The Michigan State Team won the event in 2009

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Lake St. Clair Web TV Network – Week 5

July 17, 2010

New broadcast every Friday after 9pm

Following changes in the environment, both natural and man-made, can be essential to gaining and edge on the big water. This week we take a look at two things: A dredging operation and the increased presence of cormorants.

The U.S. Corps of Engineers is continuously surveying the shipping channel to monitor changes in the depth and the shape of river for ship traffic. You’ll see these boats towing a sonar array off to each side to get wide coverage. Each year they go back and dredge out parts of the channel that have shifted and potentially influence traffic lanes in the river. This week one such operation was under way at the Firecracker.

Although the area directly around the Firecracker itself wasn’t being dredged, it was close. The newly configured bottom could affect how the schooling smallmouth use the flat around the marker but it most definitely changes that corner under buoy X32 and how that works out will remain to be seen.

Cormorants around one of the range finder markers near the Detroit River in 2002

Cormorant migrations are nothing new to Lake St. Clair but knowing what stage the migration is in can help with our bass fishing. It can be helpful to know if a spot is “on” every year when the cormorants first show up, become numerous or the numbers begin to taper off. In this broadcast you can see them up close from video shot this week.

There is also the weekly coverage of tournament results on Lake St. Clair with mention of the tournaments coming up on the weekend.

Next week: Interviews with the top finishers for the MBCF Jr. State Championship on Cass Lake

Click here to see the broadcast on the Combat Bass Fishing website

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Lake St. Clair webTV Network – Coming Attractions

June 22, 2010

If you are just hearing about this for the first time a brand new “news” service rolled out last Friday night with the Lake St. Clair webTV Network.

New broadcast every Friday by 9pm

You can see it on the front page of the Combat Bass Fishing website and although the first installment isn’t polished, the message is still there. We’ll be talking about what’s happening around this awesome fishery and about who is making it happen. Look for news about events, fishing and commentaries along with messages from sponsors and advertisers who are eager to get the word out about what they can do for you.

Much of the show is already prepared at the time of this writing and it will be a good one. There is an interview with both Jeff Gibson and Dan Mason about their win at the NBAA St. Clair Open on Saturday and wouldn’t you know, they went and won the Monster Quest on Sunday too. We’ll do some analysis about the results and discuss the outlook for the upcoming weekend. Look for a more polished presentation too but not too polished…there will be room for improvement still, and improve it will.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

Lake St. Clair Opening Day 2010 Wrap Up

June 21, 2010

In all respects this “opening day” was exactly what many of them are…a chance to get in on some post-spawn fishing. Overall weights were light except at the top of the leader board where Jeff Gibson and Dan Mason of Chatham, Ont. brought it home with 22.24 lbs. It was another great event brought to us by the folks at NBAA and you can see photos, a story about the tournament and the results at NBAA-Bass.

Even if you weren’t out on the water each day you could see the bite drop off as Saturday approached by checking the Marked Maps Live™ web page (see below)

The key item to look for here are the bright green numbers. They represent “Tournament Quality” bass that were caught on Marked Map™ spots. As we approached opening day, Saturday, June 19 you see less numbers with the bright green color. What you do see is more red numbers (zero caught) and yellow numbers (average quality bass caught). That’s exactly the way it played out if you were on the water during those days.

This next weekend we should see a marked improvement in both the color scheme on the Marked Maps Live!™ chart and the weight of the bass we catch. Keep on top of these changes with quality information products available through Combat Bass Fishing™ and Xtreme Bass Tackle™. Also, don’t forget to check this blog site and now the NEW, Lake St. Clair webTV Network™ updated every Friday by 9pm for the latest news on and around Lake St. Clair.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter