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Lake St. Clair Smallmouth, Post-Spawn Self Defense

June 16, 2013

cbf_goodWe are seeing a strong post-spawn pattern right now.  The bite ranges from a neutral bite on big fish to an active bite with smaller fish.  In the mix you can find some gems like a mayfly bite that can appear at any moment.  One thing though is for sure…the post-spawn feeders are inhaling the plastic baits down into their gullet.

During this period, the smallies take the bait down in their throat way too far.  No matter how fast one sets the hook.  It is a characteristic of this “bite” period but fortunately, there is usually something that can be done about it.

Traditionally, the most likely plastic color to be taken in too deeply is any plastic color that has copper flake in it.  There will be others, but copper has been the one most likely to cause problems.  The good news is that the post-spawn feeders are so aggressive, they will eat baits in a wide color range.  The most effective thing to do is to keep with the bait style that you are using, then switch to a different color.  In the next fish or two you will see:

(1) That you are, or are not catching smallmouth with the same frequency and…

(2) How deep that they are taking the bait in.  That alone should be enough to solve the problem but for more about post-spawn self defense, see this week’s edition (on Friday) of the Lake St. Clair Fishing show.

See you on-the-water,

Capt. Wayne

NEW! Lake St. Clair Fishing Show – Bass Edition

June 14, 2013

Now you can get weekly updates on Lake St. Clair bass fishing from Combat Bass Fishing and Great Lakes Bass; powered by the expertise of Zowada Animated Productions!  We will be bringing you updates each Friday through the end of September on the latest on bass behavior, location, tournament coverage and more!

So enjoy the ride (we are) and click on the links below to get started making your Lake St. Clair experience the best that it can be!



Lake St. Clair Week 1, East Winds Dominate

May 3, 2013

Relentless East winds continue to harass the U.S. shoreline after the catch and release opener last Saturday.  The bass have become more active as water temperatures rise but the real action will start as soon as we get a wind shift, if the warmer weather (both days and nights) holds.

Last Saturday I had the privilege of fishing with Capt. Mike McGrane and we caught smallmouth and largemouth up and down the section on Lake St. Clair that we call the “Mile Roads.”  I’ve got a short, but fuzzy video from the trip:

There was a fair amount of action at Memorial Park and the heaviest fishing pressure was there.  One other spot along that shore had twice the fishing pressure that Memorial Park had and we put into the reports on Marked Maps Live!

Marked Maps owners can sign up for live reports directly off the website at Marked Maps Live! or call TOLL FREE at 877-485-2223.

Marked Maps HD and Xtreme Bass Tackle baits can also be purchased off of the Xtreme Bass Tackle website.

The “Summer Bite” Is On!

July 4, 2012

What a relief to pull up to a spot and catch bass on the same spot on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc…  That’s an indicator that the “Summer Bite” is on!  It’s my favorite time of year because now, strategy is everything.  What spot to fish at what time of day, what direction to present the bait, is the bait presented on the bottom or up off of the bottom, what color will work best today; All these things and more are now in play.

Here is the way I see the seasonal trends on Lake St. Clair:

Pre-spawn, spawn, post-spawn, post-spawn feed, summer bite, fall transition, fall

Each seasonal change presents it’s unique opportunities and challenges but the “Summer Bite” seems to present the widest bite range that gives us a chance to use all of our skills sets to catch the most or biggest fish.

No Secrets on Lake St. Clair Vol. 1

Find out more about the seasonal bite on page 45 of the book, “No Secrets on Lake St. Clair™ Vol. 1.”  You can purchase through the Xtreme Bass Tackle website or find it in the following local store:

Natutical Mile BP – 9 Mile and Jefferson in St. Clair Shores

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Triple Threat™ Strikes First At Kentucky Lake

April 23, 2012

NEW for 2012 - Triple Threat™

The first report is in on the NEW Xtreme Bass TackleTri-Laminate tube color for 2012, Triple Threat™: The bass just couldn’t leave it alone!

The 4″ Triple Threat™ came through for a customer who called me after making a long weekend trip to Kentucky Lake recently.  “They wouldn’t let the bait sit there, they got on it right away,” is how he described the bite.  Throughout the course of the trip the water quality changed from clear to stained but it never slowed the bite down.

Although he does not consider himself a tube fisherman, in recent years Xtreme Bass Tackle™ baits have become a bigger part of his arsenal.  As soon as Triple Threat™ came out he ordered them in anticipation of his first trips out to chase bass.  As with other tube colors like Canadian Mist, Formula G3™ and St. Clair Crayfish™ that he has developed confidence in over the years, he now considers Triple Threat™ a “go to” bait and will have it tied on for his next trip out.

(All information, information shared and bait purchases are confidential.  In this case the angler has given Bass To The Future™ permission to discuss the bait name and location for the enrichment of the bass fishing experience for others.)

Xtreme “Mystery Bait” at R&B Bass Circuit Tournament Saturday April 21st

April 17, 2012

It’s time to rev up the tournament season with the R&B Bass Circuit this Saturday and win a “Mystery Bait” package worth $200 in cash and prizes by using Xtreme Bass Tackle baits!  It’s simple…

All you have to do to qualify is let the audience know which Xtreme Bass Tackle bait that you caught your fish on when you weigh-in.  Sign off on the bait selection then wait for the tournament director to open up the sealed envelope with the winning bait.  If that’s not easy enough, Xtreme Bass Tackle is giving out FREE samples at registration, so anyone fishing this tournament will qualify!

Link up with the R&B Bass Circuit to find out more about this event at the St. Joe River Six Span ramp in Elkhart, Indiana.  Be safe and have fun at this R&B opening event!

Marked Map Series #1 HD™ NEW for 2012

April 9, 2012

This chart book with put you on more quality bass fishing spots on Lake St. Clair than any other product on the market

The HD Series of Marked Maps™ is a fresh approach to an already successful product for bass anglers on Lake St. Clair.  The most striking update to the Series #1 Marked Maps (which have only previously been available in black and white) is the HD c0lor and graphics .  To the angler, this change makes for easier identification of landmarks and spots.  The Spot Level Detail™ for each of the 240 spots listed on the 15 maps has been updated to reflect the changes in the ecosystem and bass behavior shown through Combat Bass Fishing™ research over the last 13 years.

Also new is how the maps are now bound in a chart book format with the new “One Look” format.  Previously, the Marked Maps were only available as individual, stand alone laminated maps.  Now, with the introduction of the chart book format you can see the map with its spots along with the information in “One Look.

The Spot Level Detail™ describes each spot indicated on the map with relevant information for bass anglers that may include structure characteristics, depth preferences, seasonal indicators and spot specific tips for success.  For many of these spots a GPS coordinate is included where helpful.  An additional exclusive live information service called Marked Maps Live!  is available for the owners of Marked Maps products at an attractive $29.99 annual rate.

The maps covered in the Marked Maps Series #1™ chart book are:

  • Selfridge
  • Metro Beach
  • Mile Roads
  • Grosse Pointe Shores
  • Windmill Point
  • Askin’s Point
  • Belle River Hump
  • Stoney Point
  • Stakes 1
  • The Firecracker
  • Lower South Channel
  • Upper South Channel
  • Fawn Island
  • Upper North Channel
  • Lower North Channel

See the map coverage of Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River plus the new "One Look" system and other Combat Bass Fishing products.

Also included are 12 newly published key spots that were not included in the original Marked Map Series #1™.

High winds can really affect your day on the big water.  Take advantage of the new WIND MANAGEMENT feature included with each chart.  In a glance know what the optimum winds are for each map area along with what are the most tolerable high winds and their direction.

If you are a you are an owner of the original Marked Map Series #1™ you can upgrade to the new HD Series for a substantial discount if you trade in your existing black and white set.  The new HD chart book price is $119.95 but is yours with the trade in for only $59.95.

Order now through the Xtreme Bass Tackle website or order TOLL FREE at (877) 485-2223

Lake St. Clair WebTV Network – Week 7

August 1, 2010

New broadcast every Friday by 9pm

This week there is an extended tournament report covering several NBAA tournament circuits along with some standings at this point in the season.  One tournament result came from Div. 42 where the first place finishers had 24.oo pounds and second place had 17.66 pounds.  That was during a three hour event.

I do a Seaviewer Underwater Video promotion but there is some cool video footage from 46 feet deep in the St. Clair River.

Also a word from one of our sponsors.

You can view the latest program at: Combat Bass Fishing and click on the video on the front page.


I’ve got some BFL coverage including an interview with Capt. David Hasty of Erie’s Edge Charter Service.  We discuss how his day went then talk a bit about the value of running down to Lake Erie from Lake St. Clair to get fish.

Lake St. Clair Bass Fishing – Awareness

July 20, 2010

Lake St. Clair in low light conditions. An awesome place to be.

It was such a decent evening with winds just strong enough to keep the insects at bay yet light enough to allow an ease of navigation. It was one of those times where even fine boat control techniques could be freely used. All the usual Lake St. Clair elements were there with the ships going up and down the shipping channel, terns squawking overhead, the occasional cruiser wake to manage and the bass were biting. In the distance we could see dark clouds and heard a continuous rumbling that sounded like thunder, yet there was no rain in the forecast. We chalked it up to something being done at Selfridge AFB but it was still impossible to completely ignore the sky.

It’s days like these that can push the memories back of spearing waves and managing multiple drift socks to stay on fish. In fact it is amazing how a day like this can bleed off the stress of the job with every mile from shore and every bass put in the boat. It wasn’t even the ultimate fishing day with four and five pound bass jumping in the boat but is was an ultimate experience to share with my friend Scott as we worked our way through various structures to find the bass that were available.

Scott during a previous trip in Anchor Bay

Popping a 3 lb. smallmouth on a piece of river structure that might not have had any fish at all yet was cool. Really cool was to see Scott with his fluid spinnerbait hookset pull the biggest smallie caught off this one structure in 10 years. At one point I mentioned to him that it seemed like the mouth of the smallmouth was even smaller this year and asked him if he had noticed that too? For whatever reason lipping smallies has been a chore for me this season. It could just be the old age and eyesight thing but I swear their mouths were bigger before. It’s a good thing to have a friend around who will humor you though as Scott proceeded to struggle with one smallmouth at the side of the boat and mentioned that what I said just might be true.

It was the third time this year where the trip back required the navigation lights to be turned on and the wisdom to travel back at a moderate speed just in case something I couldn’t avoid was floating in the now black expanse before me. No matter what this big body of what throws at me next time it can never take away the memory of this trip and the value of good times spent recharging the spirit with the promise that we will do it again, soon.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

Lake St. Clair Web TV Network – Week 5

July 17, 2010

New broadcast every Friday after 9pm

Following changes in the environment, both natural and man-made, can be essential to gaining and edge on the big water. This week we take a look at two things: A dredging operation and the increased presence of cormorants.

The U.S. Corps of Engineers is continuously surveying the shipping channel to monitor changes in the depth and the shape of river for ship traffic. You’ll see these boats towing a sonar array off to each side to get wide coverage. Each year they go back and dredge out parts of the channel that have shifted and potentially influence traffic lanes in the river. This week one such operation was under way at the Firecracker.

Although the area directly around the Firecracker itself wasn’t being dredged, it was close. The newly configured bottom could affect how the schooling smallmouth use the flat around the marker but it most definitely changes that corner under buoy X32 and how that works out will remain to be seen.

Cormorants around one of the range finder markers near the Detroit River in 2002

Cormorant migrations are nothing new to Lake St. Clair but knowing what stage the migration is in can help with our bass fishing. It can be helpful to know if a spot is “on” every year when the cormorants first show up, become numerous or the numbers begin to taper off. In this broadcast you can see them up close from video shot this week.

There is also the weekly coverage of tournament results on Lake St. Clair with mention of the tournaments coming up on the weekend.

Next week: Interviews with the top finishers for the MBCF Jr. State Championship on Cass Lake

Click here to see the broadcast on the Combat Bass Fishing website

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter