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David Hasty Leads BASS Northern Open on Day 1

August 20, 2010

Captain David Hasty at the fishing show this year.

Captain David Hasty leads the BASS Northern Open after day one with 22-3 lbs.

The following top three results are from the REALTIME LEADERBOARD at:

Pro Division
1 David Hasty 5 bass for 22- 3
2 Scott Dobson 5 bass for 21-12
3 Chris King 5 bass for 21- 6

Co-angler Division
1 Christopher Helfer 3 bass for 13- 9
2 Joseph Nega 3 bass for 12-14
3 William Schwartz 3 bass for 12-11

David talks about his day one strategy and what he caught his fish on including upgrading with Xtreme Bass Tackle baits. See video interview of David from the BASSCam by clicking here

Get more information about the event at:

BASS Northern Open front page

You can book at trip with Captain David by contacting him at Erie’s Edge Guide Service.

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Lake St. Clair WebTV Network – Week 7

August 1, 2010

New broadcast every Friday by 9pm

This week there is an extended tournament report covering several NBAA tournament circuits along with some standings at this point in the season.  One tournament result came from Div. 42 where the first place finishers had 24.oo pounds and second place had 17.66 pounds.  That was during a three hour event.

I do a Seaviewer Underwater Video promotion but there is some cool video footage from 46 feet deep in the St. Clair River.

Also a word from one of our sponsors.

You can view the latest program at: Combat Bass Fishing and click on the video on the front page.


I’ve got some BFL coverage including an interview with Capt. David Hasty of Erie’s Edge Charter Service.  We discuss how his day went then talk a bit about the value of running down to Lake Erie from Lake St. Clair to get fish.

Lake St. Clair – Lake or River?

July 22, 2010

It’s the annual tipping point to decide  between chasing Lake St. Clair lake fish or river fish. The lure of the big bite in the river is almost impossible to ignore for even the most die hard lake angler yet there are no guarantees. The smallmouth bite over the last two years has shown moments of brilliance but easy 20 lb. sacks have been harder to find. The hot years are the best of all yet 2008 was a hot year and also the best fishing season I have ever seen on this fishery yet the river schools were small and tight to structure. No-one really knows how the river bite during the summer months of 2010 will work out but the hot weather we have had so far gives it the best chance to be outstanding. Stay tuned.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

Fun With Muskies #2

July 7, 2010

What a thrill it is to see a top of the line predator up close and personal. That’s the way it was today when I was bringing a 3 1/2 lb. smallmouth up to the boat and a musky in the 50″ class showed up.

So I see the musky and think, “Sure, I’ll just get the bass in quickly.” That turned out to be not such a great idea. The truth was however that in this situation there wasn’t a right decision. The musky was dialed in whether I left the bass low or brought it to the boat. Bringing the bass up toward the surface just got the musky more excited and it made its move. Most of the time muskies dart up, grab the bass then accelerate off into the deep while breaking the line in the process. This one was different.

This is the smallie that was attacked. You can see the three teeth marks from the musky on the upper part of the bass near the dorsal fin

The musky comes up at a steady pace then flares its gills, opens wide (more than wide enough for this 3 lb. smallmouth) then closes its jaws around the bass and sits there. The only thing I could think of doing at that moment is to take my Grandt Rod (lifetime warranty) and beat the musky repeatedly over the head. Fortunately the Grandt Rod is not only warrantable but durable and the musky, while it didn’t react immediately got the message and let go of the bass then slowly swam off and I kept catching bass with the same rod.

What a great place to fish this Lake St. Clair is! I can’t wait to go again.

The bass was caught on a 4″ Muskegon Goby tube with a rattle.

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How To Fish a Tube Bait – Speed Loading

July 6, 2010

For bass anglers selecting the right color in a soft plastic bait can make all the difference between a good day fishing and a great day fishing. One way to get a high number of colors in front of the bass quickly is to “speed load” tubes.

Speed loading is faster than inserting the jighead into the tube from the back, punching the eyelet through the plastic then retying. Instead you can penetrate the tube from the outside, force the tube head into the tube cavity without ever having to retie. This enables you to make quick changes and present as many as 10 different colors to the bass in as little as 10 minutes. Here’s how you do it:

Then another color…

Then another color…

…and so forth.

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The Summer Bite Emerges – 2010

June 30, 2010

It’s not hard to be grateful for the shear quality and diversity of this world class smallmouth bass fishery called Lake St. Clair. Each period during the season, the pre-spawn, spawn, post-spawn, summer bite, fall transition and fall pattern have their distinct characteristics but boy am I glad the post-spawn period is coming to a close.

Unless you have been on top of a specific group of bass, the last two weeks have been marked by long runs to multiple spots trying to grind out average quality bass. This period is filled with bass in moods that run from complete indifference to short periods of wild aggression with no way to plan ahead or construct effective patterns or strategies.

The most obvious way to detect the emergence of the summer bite is by how you see bass respond on the water. The summer bite response is everything that the post-spawn isn’t. The good news is that we can now begin to develop strategies and plans to increase our catch rate in numbers and size and get the most out of this world class fishery.

You can find more about Summer Bite indicators in the book, No Secrets on Lake St. Clair vol. 1 on page 47 or go to Fishing Spots Specs™ and get the latest, most accurate and best bass fishing reports available on Lake. St. Clair.

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Lake St. Clair – The Bite is Finally Picking Up

June 28, 2010

Big weight came in on the Sunday event and Capt. Mike and I were both able to hookup with a couple of brutes on Monday:

Captain Mike McGrane pulls up a quality smallmouth

I picked up a 5 lb. (on the scale) smallmouth on another open water spot

My bass came on a Xtreme Bass Tackle 4″ mayfly tube.

Let the games begin.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

Fun With Muskies…

June 25, 2010

So Frank and I are fishing for bass down at Windmill Point, minding our own business and Frank hooks another one. His line is out in the current and I’m at the ready on the net when Frank says, “Wayne, this one’s not moving.” Is it the current causing this, is it just a very big bass digging in? Nope! We both watched as a musky thrashes at the surface then Frank’s line gets a lot easier to pull in. The bass that Frank landed was a bit tattered as far as bass go. The bloody teeth marks showed right where the musky held on until it finally gave up.

Unfortunately at that moment I didn’t have the i-Kam glasses on that Doug Scott let me borrow. Thank you very much Doug. These were pretty cool. The camera and microphone are built right into the glasses. If they were on at the time and turned on then we would have captured the musky breaking the surface as we looked at it.

Next time…

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JUST RELEASED! New Fishing Chart for Lake St. Clair

June 16, 2010

It’s been months in the making but Waterproof Charts™ has just released a new fishing chart for Lake St. Clair. Just like the NOAA charts already available through Waterproof Charts™ the fishing version carries the same accuracy and detail. What’s new is the additional fishing information added in to help anglers identify good spots to fish and identify parts of the Lake by their local names plus many starting GPS coordinate points.

The first run of these new fishing charts are only available through Xtreme Bass Tackle™ and the Nautical Mile BP Tackle Shop.

For Xtreme Bass Tackle™ put in your order now for the limited first run of these maps ($26.95) by:

Send email request for St. Clair Map:
By phone: TOLL FREE: (877) 485-2223

NOTE: I will have your map at the NBAA Saturday tournament in the morning if you are going to be there

For the Nautical Mile BP Tackle Shop:

Directions and contact information for the Nautical Mile BP Tackle Shop

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Lake St. Clair – Weekend Events 6/19 – 6/20, 2010

June 15, 2010

It’s time for the “Opens” on Lake St. Clair and we have two days of great tournaments coming up.

First up on Saturday is:

St Clair Open – Saturday, June 19th, 2010 will be the date of this year’s Lake St Clair Open. This special event will be launching out of the Harley Ensign ramp and is sure to be one of the biggest events of the season… Click here to go to the NBAA website for more details

Monster Quest – Saturday, June 20th where; lakestclair when; sunday june 20th launch;harley ensign entry fee;$150.00…  Click here for more details

I’ll see everyone at the St. Clair Open on Saturday!

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