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Lake St. Clair Fishing Show Fall Special 2013

September 18, 2013

Don’t miss the upcoming episode of the Lake St. Clair Fishing Show as we talk about the fall conditions and how to make the big adjustment from summer.  “Mr. Big Fish,” Frank Keller and I take you through our day where we fished against some of the toughest conditions imaginable.  You can see how we switched up spots, presentations and species to put together a decent catch.

It also comes with a  bonus segment!  Frank and I went out on Tuesday and did better yet…tune in this week Friday and see at:


Get a preview of the show that will be posted sometime during the day on Friday…

Lake St. Clair Bass – Big Bite Coming On!

July 27, 2013

Now that the bite is back, where do we find the “big” bite?  Individual strategies are endless but each theory must go up against a hard, cold reality…We need to be where the big fish are.  Figuring out what section of the big water is holding the best supply of big fish can be a daunting task.  Let’s see if we can cut it down to size.

We can do this by sectioning off the system into three pieces:  The Lake, the St. Clair River Channels and the St. Clair River (One of these sections will hold more active big fish than the other).  That’s what we did on Thursday.  We picked one section to fish hard, and it paid off.

Our average catch size was very good and we got in to better numbers of three and four pound smallmouth.

Wayne 4-2Wayne 2

Peter Garchow 2Peter Garchow 1

One way that Marked Map owners can get dialed in on the best section to fish is through the reports on Marked Maps Live!   Myself and staff reveal the spots that we have been fishing, the size of the bass that we catch and put in notes about methods and tackle.

For more information about Lake St. Clair see The Lake St. Clair Fishing Show which is published every week.

A special thanks goes out to Peter Garchow, DDS for catching and supplying us with some great “big” smallmouth photo’s.

Peter Garchow, DDS
630 36th Street SW
Wyoming, MI 49509

Lake St. Clair Smallmouth – River Run

July 18, 2013

Now that the post-spawn bite has come to a close, the question on everyone’s mind is, “How strong is the bite in the St. Clair River?”

This week we took a trek up the St. Clair River which started at the mouth, and ran up to Fawn Island.  You can see video from the trip on my fishing report given on The Lake St. Clair Fishing Show as soon as the new one is posted on Friday.

Marked Maps Live! subscribers can get the spot-by-spot detail RIGHT NOW by logging on and viewing the chart.  This week the records are filled with commentary which can go a long way toward helping you plan a trip this weekend.

One bait that stood out for production was the Canadian Mist drop-shot tube.  I stuck with tube jigs all day and was rewarded in a couple of spots but my friend Mark Hill beat me up pretty good all day long with the drop-shot.

Have a great weekend!

Lake St. Clair Canadian Opener 2013, Smallmouth On The Move

June 21, 2013

cbf_goodThis Saturday, the fourth Saturday in June, Canadian waters is open to bass anglers.  After over a month and a half of catch and release on the U.S. side, the obvious conclusion is to go after those bass that are untouched.  Nothing wrong with that logic…so many top quality spots become available like Askin’s Point to Pike Creek, the Belle River Hump, Stoney Point, Mitchel’s Bay, the Stakes, the Horseshoe and the Firecracker.

No matter what country you fish in, the order of the day is to target transition spots.  Post-spawn bass are clearly on the move and in a feeding mood.  Finding the hottest spots without pre-fishing can be a challenge.  With a day or two on the water it isn’t too hard to line up the best fishing by hitting all the popular spots, gauging the bite then figuring out where the strongest concentration of smallies are.

The good news is if you happen on to one of these transition spots, the bite is simply phenomenal.  Some spots fish similar to pre-spawn where you can fan cast around the boat and load up but a higher percentage of spots fish best right now with optimum boat positioning and targeted casts.


Mayfly Hatches/Slicks

Slicks are becoming more prominent.  We are still seeing more smaller mayflies on the U.S. side but this week found big slicks of husks from large mayflies on the Canadian side.  Here is a video of a slick and scale photo of the husks from spot #11 in the Marked Map Series:

Mayfly Size

Mayfly husks from that slick shown to scale


On Marked Map spot #13 we found this kind of water clarity:


This buoy cropped up at Marked Map spot #16.  It’s marking a tree branch in 7 feet of water.  We didn’t find any bass on it this trip but there will most likely be bass on it every day from here through the end of summer.

New Buoy


Three bass (Note: Multiple bass were caught on the Xtreme Bass Tackle St. Clair Goby NFT tube).

Week 2 Fat Smallie Week 2 Smallie 1 Week 2 Smallie on NFT


Here is the layout on the weed growth at Marked Map spot #15:

For more information on Lake St. Clair, click on this link and see the NEW LAKE ST. CLAIR FISHING SHOW – Bass Edition!

For Tackle & Marked Maps:

Phone orders: (877) 485-2223

Fishing Show:

Lake St. Clair Smallmouth, Post-Spawn Self Defense

June 16, 2013

cbf_goodWe are seeing a strong post-spawn pattern right now.  The bite ranges from a neutral bite on big fish to an active bite with smaller fish.  In the mix you can find some gems like a mayfly bite that can appear at any moment.  One thing though is for sure…the post-spawn feeders are inhaling the plastic baits down into their gullet.

During this period, the smallies take the bait down in their throat way too far.  No matter how fast one sets the hook.  It is a characteristic of this “bite” period but fortunately, there is usually something that can be done about it.

Traditionally, the most likely plastic color to be taken in too deeply is any plastic color that has copper flake in it.  There will be others, but copper has been the one most likely to cause problems.  The good news is that the post-spawn feeders are so aggressive, they will eat baits in a wide color range.  The most effective thing to do is to keep with the bait style that you are using, then switch to a different color.  In the next fish or two you will see:

(1) That you are, or are not catching smallmouth with the same frequency and…

(2) How deep that they are taking the bait in.  That alone should be enough to solve the problem but for more about post-spawn self defense, see this week’s edition (on Friday) of the Lake St. Clair Fishing show.

See you on-the-water,

Capt. Wayne

Speedpro Macomb to the Rescue

February 9, 2012

Getting ready for the Ultimate Fishing Show Detroitwas moving along at the normal pace; there’s always one more thing that needs to be done but no more time to do it.  Still, turning over the

This is the banner that Speedpro did for the new Triple Threat bait

possibilities in my mind about getting a banner done for the new Xtreme Bass Tackle Triple Threat™ bait was a priority.  If I just not sleep for the next 24 hours I can run here and there to get it done.  Perhaps if I leave a tooth (these days a loose crown might have to do) under my pillow the tooth fairy might leave me a slick banner in its place.  I still didn’t have an answer until Ryan, from Speedpro Macomb walked by my unfinished booth and asked if there were any banners that he could do for us.

I’ve heard this pitch dozens of times but this time was different.  The answer that I had been looking for had arrived and yes,  now I will sleep tonight and keep my crown on a little longer too.  We exchanged the particulars and he committed to bringing the poster(s) (Hey, might as well do two if you’re going to do one) to the show when it opened the next day.

This is the Quick-Slip banner in the booth

The next day he brought the banners for the new Triple Threat bait and the Erie’s Edge Quick-Slip and my booth was complete.  I just want people to know about the great service, price and product that I received from the good people at Speedpro Macomb and to send you to their website where you can find out more about them.

They do:

Retail/Commercial Branding
Full Color Banners/Signage
Vehicle Wraps/Fleet Graphics
Displays/Exhibits/Banner Stands

and more…

Thank you again Speedpro for helping to make the Xtreme Bass Tackle booth a success at the Ultimate Fishing Show Detroit!

Speedpro Macomb
16001 Leone Dr
Macomb Township, Michigan 48042


2010 Grand Rapids Show Update

March 19, 2010


We were able to sit back a little today and take account of the good things that have come out of the show this weekend.  Strong sales will always lift one’s spirit and I am grateful for that and many other things.  This time of year we get to see many of our friends and professional contacts at one time and in one place.  Once the season gets moving along we will all be chasing bass in different parts of the lake or even the state so now was the time to collaborate, make plans and talk about the good times we’ve had and will have together.  During the first couple days of the show we were enriched with sunshine and high temperatures that meant that a fishing trip in the near future was possible.  The rain and snow on the weekend made the show that much more of an attractive place to be and so it was.

We are home now looking back at the Ultimate Sports Show in Grand Rapids as an event we will be talking about for some time to come.  Looking forward it looks like even better things ahead as the boat gets prepped and brought out to play for the first time in a long time.  It will be a pleasure to see everyone out on the water this season sharing this awesome resource together.


Update on T-Shirts: The MSU Bass Fishing Team T-shirts have been selling fast.  If you still want to support their tournament fishing dreams they have the following still available – Medium in long and short sleeve, 2X and 3X in long sleeve


It was a lively day at the Ultimate Sports Show with customers coming in with all kinds of questions and leaving with good choices in both tackle and information products. The general feeling seems to be that we are all convinced that we will be back on the water very soon.

We’ll get back into the show tomorrow and do it again. The Xtreme Bass Tackle booth will have Captian David Hasty, Mike McGrane, Brian Belevender, Cyrus Ruel and the MSU fishing team around to help anyone who ask for it. I’ll be doing something all day but one thing is for sure, I’ll be at the NBAA stage to do a seminar at 1:00pm with Captain David Hasty where we will tag team Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair so you can get the best results possible the next time you go.

Remember to bring an extra $12 to buy a T-shirt to support the MSU Bass Fishing Team.  They are helping out in the Xtreme Bass Tackle booth and deserve whatever support you can give them as they gather funds to hit the tournament trail.  Learn more about them at their website: Spartan Bassers. Also, read the latest news article off their website about the show:

For more info, directions and times for the Ultimate Sports Show Grand Rapids go to:

For show talk on Great Lakes Bass go to:

(c) Wayne Carpenter

2010 Grand Rapids Show Premier – The 4″ Muskegon Goby Tube

March 18, 2010

This is only the second triple laminate tube ever developed and it debuts at the Ultimate Sports Show Grand Rapids today, March 18. Find it at the Xtreme Bass Tackle booth (#2052) and see the clear and vibrant colors that follow the research done to develop the bait.

Over a couple of seasons Cyrus Ruel has been collecting data on the gobies on Muskegon Lake. It was last year when a trip that Cy took sealed the deal. His field research that day along with some great photography made this design into what we see today.

The triple laminate design incorporates three levels of color or tone. There’s the laminate which carries with it the dominant color with embedded highlights. In this case the dominant color was uniquely designed to match what we were seeing in the photos and description in Cy’s research. This too is a first. The other laminated baits have been able to be done through standard colors in plastic.

The underside of a goby from Muskegon Lake

The belly of the bait incorporates a new direction in matching the tone shown in the belly of the gobies in Muskegon Lake. It uses a “white illusion pepper” base which carries a soft bluish sheen to capture what we are seeing in nature.

The third color element is subtle yet part of the goby and part of the bait. The underside of the tail has a broom color with a flat tone which offsets the stronger colors elsewhere in the design. It’s one of those elements that doesn’t jump out at you but completes the bait with an element the predators are looking for.

You can get this bait at the show this weekend then after that you can still order through Xtreme Bass Tackle or find it exclusively at:


…in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Al & Bob’s Sports website

Things to do…Breaking weather opens up lots of options

March 11, 2010

The cure for cabin fever has arrived with temperatures climbing into the 60’s and at worst, averaging out into the 40’s. I can remember just two weeks ago of having that desperate feeling of being landlocked without even the hope of rolling the boat out. Without a doubt there will be some unstable weather ahead but one thing is for sure…this isn’t 2009 where it was in the 20’s every single day and it took until nearly May for winter to be over (or at least convince me that it was over).

This was a good day out with Frank on his Xpress

For me, boat issues come to mind first. There are still a couple of spots to finish with the new carpet I installed last year. Instead of trying to do the project and fish at the same time I think I’ll get it done sooner than later. Riding this wave of motivation should make it easier to complete a couple of other updates to the boat. It will make life on the water more comfortable. Oh that’s right…there’s some yard work, bricks on the chimney to fix, a slate patio to finish. All that can be done now too! One must prioritize however and I try to keep a 4 to 1 ratio between fishing and yard work.

Anybody remember this 40 foot booth at the Ultimate Sports Show Grand Rapids in 2001?

The biggest sports show in the state is coming up in Grand Rapids next week (Ultimate Sports Show Grand Rapids). It is a great opportunity catch up with everyone before we all get busy again plus make a couple of additions to the tackle lineup and attend free seminars with excellent speakers on the topic of our choice. The Xtreme Bass Tackle booth will be there as will the last installment of the Bass to the Future seminars. This seminar is focused on putting as many sources of information on display for you to choose from. We will cover free internet sources, a free download, how to make the most of the tools you have and if you are planning on fishing Lake St. Clair, two new websites that I offer: Fishing Spot Specs and Marked Maps Live!

Thursday, March 18 3:30PM Stage D
Friday, March 19 2:30PM Stage D
Friday, March 19 7:00PM Stage C

If you are not ready to see winter go you can still experience it through the World Championship of Ice Fishing being held this weekend in Rhinelander Wisconsin. From what I’ve learned through Brian Gaber (of Electronic Guide Service) who is hosting the event is that these “ice teams” from 11 different countries are more fanatical than we are as bass anglers. The USA Ice Team is in a position of defending home water and that alone has made it a drama worth following. I’ll include some links to the event below:

NAIFC site with USA Ice Team lineup and article

USA Ice Team website

Event info on Travel Wisconsin

Forum chat about the event on Great Lakes Bass

(c) Wayne Carpenter

Ultimate Sports Show Grand Rapids MI Coming Up

March 8, 2010

It’s a good time to start making plans to be at the Ultimate Sports Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan starting on March 18th through the 21st. In its 65th year, this is the show with the strongest lineup of them all to cater to anglers, hunters and families. Stay in touch daily with what is happening at the show on:




The Great Lakes Bass Ultimate Sports Show Forum

(c) Wayne Carpenter