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Triple Threat™ Strikes First At Kentucky Lake

April 23, 2012

NEW for 2012 - Triple Threat™

The first report is in on the NEW Xtreme Bass TackleTri-Laminate tube color for 2012, Triple Threat™: The bass just couldn’t leave it alone!

The 4″ Triple Threat™ came through for a customer who called me after making a long weekend trip to Kentucky Lake recently.  “They wouldn’t let the bait sit there, they got on it right away,” is how he described the bite.  Throughout the course of the trip the water quality changed from clear to stained but it never slowed the bite down.

Although he does not consider himself a tube fisherman, in recent years Xtreme Bass Tackle™ baits have become a bigger part of his arsenal.  As soon as Triple Threat™ came out he ordered them in anticipation of his first trips out to chase bass.  As with other tube colors like Canadian Mist, Formula G3™ and St. Clair Crayfish™ that he has developed confidence in over the years, he now considers Triple Threat™ a “go to” bait and will have it tied on for his next trip out.

(All information, information shared and bait purchases are confidential.  In this case the angler has given Bass To The Future™ permission to discuss the bait name and location for the enrichment of the bass fishing experience for others.)

Marked Map Series #1 HD™ NEW for 2012

April 9, 2012

This chart book with put you on more quality bass fishing spots on Lake St. Clair than any other product on the market

The HD Series of Marked Maps™ is a fresh approach to an already successful product for bass anglers on Lake St. Clair.  The most striking update to the Series #1 Marked Maps (which have only previously been available in black and white) is the HD c0lor and graphics .  To the angler, this change makes for easier identification of landmarks and spots.  The Spot Level Detail™ for each of the 240 spots listed on the 15 maps has been updated to reflect the changes in the ecosystem and bass behavior shown through Combat Bass Fishing™ research over the last 13 years.

Also new is how the maps are now bound in a chart book format with the new “One Look” format.  Previously, the Marked Maps were only available as individual, stand alone laminated maps.  Now, with the introduction of the chart book format you can see the map with its spots along with the information in “One Look.

The Spot Level Detail™ describes each spot indicated on the map with relevant information for bass anglers that may include structure characteristics, depth preferences, seasonal indicators and spot specific tips for success.  For many of these spots a GPS coordinate is included where helpful.  An additional exclusive live information service called Marked Maps Live!  is available for the owners of Marked Maps products at an attractive $29.99 annual rate.

The maps covered in the Marked Maps Series #1™ chart book are:

  • Selfridge
  • Metro Beach
  • Mile Roads
  • Grosse Pointe Shores
  • Windmill Point
  • Askin’s Point
  • Belle River Hump
  • Stoney Point
  • Stakes 1
  • The Firecracker
  • Lower South Channel
  • Upper South Channel
  • Fawn Island
  • Upper North Channel
  • Lower North Channel

See the map coverage of Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River plus the new "One Look" system and other Combat Bass Fishing products.

Also included are 12 newly published key spots that were not included in the original Marked Map Series #1™.

High winds can really affect your day on the big water.  Take advantage of the new WIND MANAGEMENT feature included with each chart.  In a glance know what the optimum winds are for each map area along with what are the most tolerable high winds and their direction.

If you are a you are an owner of the original Marked Map Series #1™ you can upgrade to the new HD Series for a substantial discount if you trade in your existing black and white set.  The new HD chart book price is $119.95 but is yours with the trade in for only $59.95.

Order now through the Xtreme Bass Tackle website or order TOLL FREE at (877) 485-2223

Speedpro Macomb to the Rescue

February 9, 2012

Getting ready for the Ultimate Fishing Show Detroitwas moving along at the normal pace; there’s always one more thing that needs to be done but no more time to do it.  Still, turning over the

This is the banner that Speedpro did for the new Triple Threat bait

possibilities in my mind about getting a banner done for the new Xtreme Bass Tackle Triple Threat™ bait was a priority.  If I just not sleep for the next 24 hours I can run here and there to get it done.  Perhaps if I leave a tooth (these days a loose crown might have to do) under my pillow the tooth fairy might leave me a slick banner in its place.  I still didn’t have an answer until Ryan, from Speedpro Macomb walked by my unfinished booth and asked if there were any banners that he could do for us.

I’ve heard this pitch dozens of times but this time was different.  The answer that I had been looking for had arrived and yes,  now I will sleep tonight and keep my crown on a little longer too.  We exchanged the particulars and he committed to bringing the poster(s) (Hey, might as well do two if you’re going to do one) to the show when it opened the next day.

This is the Quick-Slip banner in the booth

The next day he brought the banners for the new Triple Threat bait and the Erie’s Edge Quick-Slip and my booth was complete.  I just want people to know about the great service, price and product that I received from the good people at Speedpro Macomb and to send you to their website where you can find out more about them.

They do:

Retail/Commercial Branding
Full Color Banners/Signage
Vehicle Wraps/Fleet Graphics
Displays/Exhibits/Banner Stands

and more…

Thank you again Speedpro for helping to make the Xtreme Bass Tackle booth a success at the Ultimate Fishing Show Detroit!

Speedpro Macomb
16001 Leone Dr
Macomb Township, Michigan 48042


The Xtreme Bass Tackle™ – Brown Craw™ makes a comeback

August 7, 2011

4" Brown Craw tube

This bait was introduced in 2007 along with Sand Craw™, Green Craw™, Hybrid Craw™ and Golden Goby™.  Along with Sand Craw™, the Xtreme Bass Tackle Brown Craw™ has distinguished itself as one of the top baits of that year class.  It is effective all year long on both Great Lakes and inland waters.  It is hard to find a better tube color for August through Fall for Lake St. Clair and connecting waters.  It is going to be available in a limited quantity again this August and advance orders have already been taken.  Get a good supply of Brown Craw™ just in time for the “big fish” time of the year before supplies run out.

Bait specs™: Laminated tube – Green pumpkin with small orange and small chartreuse flake on top, a clear belly with true copper flake, small chartreuse flake and medium black flake on the bottom.

As soon as it comes in you can find this bait at:

Nautical Mile BP Tackle Shop – 9 Mile and Jefferson (586) 498-7650

The Bait and Tackle Box – Jefferson and Grosse Ile Parkway (734) 301-3281

Xtreme Bass Tackle or (877) 485-2223

(c) 2011 Wayne Carpenter

Xtreme Bass Tackle Baits now at the Bait and Tackle Box – Trenton, MI

August 7, 2011

If you’re launching from Elizabeth Park or Lake Erie Metropark you can now load up on Xtreme Bass Tackle baits nearby.  The Bait and Tackle Box is well stocked and ready to cater to bass anglers of all types.  You will find the parking excellent for boats with trailers and other items you might need like drinks or ice for the day.  When you go in expect to see Paul, Charlie or the owner Dave and expect to get good quality information about the baits and what has been happening on Lake Erie and the Detroit River.

This is the display when it started. It has since been expanded and you will find the top baits at the front of the store

As of this writing The Bait and Tackle Box is the only store with 4″ St. Clair Crayfish™ tubes which have sold out everywhere.  They carry Xtreme Bass Tackle 4″ tubes, 5″ tubes, drop-shot tubes, X-worms, Skirted Twin Tails, Creature Baits, jigs, books, DVD’s and more.

This location couldn’t be more convenient…it’s right at Jefferson and Grosse Ile Parkway!

(c) 2011 Wayne Carpenter

Hot off the press! New Lake St. Clair Fishing Chart from Waterproof Charts

June 11, 2010

This project has been in the making since the winter months and is scheduled to arrive next week: A new Lake St. Clair fishing chart from Waterproof Charts. You are certainly welcome to go to their website to purchase it but if everything goes exactly as planned Xtreme Bass Tackle and Nautical Mile BP Tackle Shop will have them locally by the middle of the week.

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of the effort to bring a better fishing chart to Lake St. Clair and will let everyone know more about what is special about it just before it arrives next week.

To order Xtreme Bass Tackle™ baits or Combat Bass Fishing™ information products:

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Xtreme Bass Tackle – Drop-shot Tube Strategy

June 10, 2010

Using a drop-shot rig might be different than what you are used to but it is one of the easier rigs to use and it is deadly. On some days smallmouth feed hard off of the bottom but when they are not, the drop shot rig puts your bait right into their strike zone. If you’re not fired up yet about the ability to reach a new group of bass that wasn’t previously available to you, there’s more…

The drop-shot rig lends itself to rapid bait changes which when it functions as a live bait rig isn’t much of an advantage. When using soft plastic baits however it gives you a tool with overwhelming superiority. What if you could present 10 different bait colors to a school of bass in 10 minutes? With the drop-shot rig and Xtreme Bass Tackle™ baits you can. That short investment of time will tell you volumes about what color(s) the smallies prefer that day.

The way I do this is to set up on an area with a school of smallmouth and make two casts per color. The data gathered by that short experience is invaluable and useful anywhere on the body of water that day.

With Xtreme Bass Tackle™ drop-shot tubes you can put colors that have proven themselves through research and sales over a long period of time (high percentage baits) in front of the bass. As you can see from my drop-shot box the largest compartment is full of Canadian Mist. That color has proven itself to be the most consistent of all.

To order Xtreme Bass Tackle™ baits or Combat Bass Fishing information products:

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Lake St. Clair – The Color Shift is On 2010

June 4, 2010

If there was ever a creature on this planet that was color selective it’s has got to be the smallmouth bass. This fact isn’t lost on seasoned smallmouth bass anglers who see firsthand how a subtle shade or even the size of flake in a plastic bait can make a difference on any given day. This tendency becomes hyper color selectivity during the summer bite so get ready but for right now we are in transition and a preference for certain colors is emerging.

This smallmouth didn't make it easy but Maxine didn't make it easy on the smallie either

Slither™ has been a top producer for the early season and this is no surprise. Every year this color dominates early on. It will continue to produce on those days the bass desire nothing else but the all time #1 top color, Canadian Mist is making its move. This bait is never a bad choice but it’s starting to become the bait of choice for smallmouth on Lake St. Clair. I was able to get out on the water for a few hours with mom and see it in action. I rigged her up with a drop-shot rig and a Canadian Mist drop-shot tube and she did the rest. The first smallie was taken in 10 feet off of a rock pile, jumped, fought, then fought some more while she finally wrestled it boat side to be greeted by the net. It was 17″ but the most significant feature was the large belly. It was heavy.

The fight started on the starboard side

After working through other fish she connected again with a smallmouth that ran even bigger but didn’t quite have the heft of the first. Again a Canadian Mist drop-shot tube made it happen. We were drifting in 13 feet of water when she cast out then waited for the line to stop spooling off of the reel. I asked about what was going on and she said, “The line hasn’t stopped yet.” I suggested she go ahead and cock the reel anyway and as she did this a smallmouth came flying out of the water about 30 yards away.

Now we're on the port side where the fight was finished. You can see the bass in the water and some friends looking on in the distance

Another suggestion was made that it would be a good idea to start reeling and then the fight was on. For those of you who know the power and attitude smallmouth display when hooked you can relate to her epic battle as the smallie sounded, then sounded again and again. Both of the quality smallmouth she caught this day were full of strength and energy and ready for good scrap.

The Mayfly tube continued to produce with regularity but on this day Canadian Mist was king!

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Lake St. Clair – Memorial Day 2010 Wrap-up

June 1, 2010

It was two and a half days of absolutely perfect weather that brought big numbers of bass out to play. Much about the bite has changed since last week and the bite on bigger bass has slowed down. One thing for sure though is that the rock bass were dominating the action.

The word on this one is that the photo really doesn't do it justice. Scott got this on a spot known for 4 lb. smallies and this one was pushing the high side of that average

Scott Hayes and his father Ron both experienced the rock bass explosion first hand. After the trip he prefaced the entire fishing report with, “You might as well assume that we caught rock bass everywhere we went today.” The father/son team made its way down the U.S. coastline toward the Detroit River, all the while picking up good numbers of average bass on most spots. The big highlight came when Scott hooked a black looking smallmouth that was pushing five pounds. It was caught in an area packed with keeper largemouth. The active fishing trip on Monday went smoothly right down to putting the boat on the trailer just before the T-storms came.

I got out Sunday afternoon and worked the U.S. shoreline north of where Scott was the next day and found the smallmouth action to have slowed a bit. It’s another banner year for largemouth though. St. Clair Crayfish and Mayfly tubes really produced. Click here to see a blog about the trip

It’s always assumed that Lake St. Clair will be overrun with both anglers and recreational boats but the odds are 50/50 that many folks head “up north” instead of the Lake. Two major launches still had spots left in the mid-afternoon on Sunday so it wasn’t as congested as it could have been. The boating activity on the water was much like any beautiful weekend during the summer months.

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Lake St. Clair – First Smallmouth

May 31, 2010

It was a new experience yet Linda put the first five bass in the boat like an expert

(We do get spoiled fishing Lake St. Clair. Smallmouth bass are the dominant species and the action on all species is going to keep things interesting. Some anglers come from out-of-state with a full array of largemouth skills and leave with smallmouth fever, more skills and plans to come back and do it again. Other anglers have the desire to get out on the big water but would like someone to build their confidence in spots and navigation then they take it from there. Another type of angler would just like to get out on the Lake with someone who has the knowledge and equipment to experience the best Lake St. Clair has to offer. Linda Bieschke had been talking about this trip for awhile and now the time has come for her to begin the narrative of the story about fishing Lake St. Clair that will start with her first smallmouth bass.)

To avoid the unstable weather forecast for Monday, Linda and I decided to set sail for the big lake on Sunday afternoon instead. Getting out on Lake St. Clair on a beautiful day when the fish are biting is something to look forward to and this day was no exception. Along the way we stopped off at “Jimmy’s” tackle shop to get a license for her and to pick up some terminal tackle. Memories of a long line of boats lined up outside of the launch waiting to get in (at Harley Ensign) were playing in my head until we pulled up to the entrance and saw that plenty of empty spots were available. It can be a struggle to negotiate the launch area at that point in the afternoon but we were able to get the boat in the water right away. So far, so good.

On our first spot I rigged up a 4″ St. Clair Crayfish tube for Linda and we began a slow drift as the winds pushed us toward shore. Linda picked up the mechanics of casting and retrieving an open faced spincasting outfit quickly even though this type of fishing was a new experience for her. The sparse weed on the flat did present a challenge though. Right away she was talking about the difference between the bait grabbing the weeds (a stalk of cabbage) or a bass grabbing the bait. It turned out to be a moot point though since she boated her first five bass without incident. The first bass was a largemouth which was fun but there was another species lurking out there which would put her new skills to the test: smallmouth bass.

She didn’t have to wait long until the smallie took the bait. It was clear something was different but what? The excitement of managing the bass began to sink in as the smallmouth broke the surface then continued to pull away from her. “It’s heavy,” she said with a raised voice while the pole bent closer to the water. She kept the rod tip high and kept the thrashing bass hooked long enough so that we could get a net on it. That’s the smallmouth in the photo: Linda’s first smallmouth bass May 30, 2010. It wasn’t her last one either as we stayed awhile longer to work the spot.

A second spot brought on more action but the rock bass had taken over. As we were about to pick up and leave Linda puts the St. Clair Crayfish tube to work once again and connects with a largemouth which led to another largemouth and so forth.

It would be nice to finish the evening out at one more spot so off we went. This was a deeper flat with sparse weed with bigger largemouth yet. The wind was dying down, the boat traffic was thinning out and the beautiful day was turning into a perfect evening. Right away I hooked up with our best largemouth of the day which took a 4″ Mayfly™ tube with a rattle jig. It took some time but Linda finally relented and gave up on the St. Clair Crayfish™ tube as Mayfly™ continued to put bass in the boat on back-to-back casts. It was a great ending to a very good day on Lake St. Clair.

For Linda, the adventure is just beginning…

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