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Lake St. Clair Bass by Billings and Pierce – Spring 2014

May 17, 2014
Tom with a 5 1/2 lb. Smallmouth

Tom with a 5 1/2 lb. Smallmouth

Tom Billings is rolling with his pattern from last year and this year continues to hunt down big smallies on Lake St. Clair.  This spring cold conditions and east winds have been keeping the bite down but no longer, as we see with Tom’s latest monster smallmouth (5 1/2 pounds) to add to his Lake St. Clair photo gallery.  Boating a nice smallmouth like this comes down to good seasonal timing, excellent spot selection, skill and picking the right bait like the Xtreme Bass Tackle St. Clair Crayfish tube that you see in the photo.

(To see the biggest St. Clair smallmouth caught on Xtreme Bass Tackle baits in 2013 by Tom Billings (6.9 lbs) click on this link and go to timeline 1:40 on the video)

Steve Pierce with his hands full

Steve Pierce with his hands full

Not to be outdone, Tom’s partner Steve Pierce had no problems boating some sweet bass of his own.

With a catch rate around 60 to 70 bass today, Tom and his friend Steve Pierce found it to be worth the trip from Chesterton, Indiana.  It wasn’t just bass either.  It was a respectable multi-species day as well.  The following photos tell the rest of the story:

It looks like the slow period is over and the hot bite is on.  Come on over to Lake St. Clair…the water is fine!

Tom boats a musky

Tom boats a musky


This drum must have put up some fight!

This drum must have put up some fight!

Xtreme Bass Tackle Alewife Tube – New for 2014

March 7, 2014


Alewife is the latest in a relentless effort on the part of Xtreme Bass Tackle to bring the very best competitive tools in the field of competitive bass fishing.  If the year 2013 taught us one thing about the feeding habits of smallmouth bass, they were feeding at the surface and in the mid-ranges of the water column like rarely seen before.  Their prey…the alewife!

During research outings we cast at schools of bass chasing minnows to the surface.  With the baits that we had available we had limited success.  We could see the big bass but most of the time they would pass up what we were offering.  The ones we did catch would throw alewife up on the deck of the boat.  That’s when I decided a new bait design would be the advantage we were looking for.

Alewife Tube White

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Xtreme Bass Tackle – February News

February 11, 2014

Xtreme Logo 800 Website     New For 2014

Fusion LE with TitleThis limited edition offering brings a new look to the baits in our tackle boxes.  No doubt about It, the bass haven’t seen this, or anything quite like it!

Fire Goby LE with TitleThis limited edition is a hotter version of the tried and true Muskegon Goby™ and St. Clair Goby NFT™ .  It targets the bass DOWN DEEP…IN LOW LIGHT…OR ON AN AGGRESSIVE BITE!

Canadian Mist LiteFor the first time ever, Canadian Mist Lite™ is now available in a beefy 5″ tube!  This version of Canadian Mist has been surging in popularity and the 5″ design is available to you today!

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This chart book with put you on more quality bass fishing spots on Lake St. Clair than any other product on the market

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Lake St. Clair Smallmouth, Post-Spawn Self Defense

June 16, 2013

cbf_goodWe are seeing a strong post-spawn pattern right now.  The bite ranges from a neutral bite on big fish to an active bite with smaller fish.  In the mix you can find some gems like a mayfly bite that can appear at any moment.  One thing though is for sure…the post-spawn feeders are inhaling the plastic baits down into their gullet.

During this period, the smallies take the bait down in their throat way too far.  No matter how fast one sets the hook.  It is a characteristic of this “bite” period but fortunately, there is usually something that can be done about it.

Traditionally, the most likely plastic color to be taken in too deeply is any plastic color that has copper flake in it.  There will be others, but copper has been the one most likely to cause problems.  The good news is that the post-spawn feeders are so aggressive, they will eat baits in a wide color range.  The most effective thing to do is to keep with the bait style that you are using, then switch to a different color.  In the next fish or two you will see:

(1) That you are, or are not catching smallmouth with the same frequency and…

(2) How deep that they are taking the bait in.  That alone should be enough to solve the problem but for more about post-spawn self defense, see this week’s edition (on Friday) of the Lake St. Clair Fishing show.

See you on-the-water,

Capt. Wayne

Lake St. Clair Serves up Big Smallmouth to “Jigger” on Canadian Mist

May 10, 2013

Early season fishing can be fun with numbers and it’s also the time to pick up some of the biggest smallmouth bass that you’ll see all season.  On a trip this week (May 7th, 2013) Bob “Jigger” Mann Sr. (Canada) was throwing an Xtreme Bass Tackle 4″ Canadian Mist tube on the U.S. side and picked up this beauty on his second cast.


Bob was fishing at the bottom end of Lake St. Clair (Michigan) around the area near Windmill Point.  Marked Map HD owners can find out where this smallmouth was caught by looking up spot #9 on the Windmill Point Marked Map.  Marked Maps Live! subscribers can see Jigger’s “Live!” report posted for 5/7/2013.

While he was fishing, a freighter ran aground nearby.  Bob took some time out of his busy fishing day to snap off this picture.


After the picture was taken he was busy for the next couple of days with CBC radio and CBC TV talking about the event.  His pictures were used on TV and on the radio station website (‎) for May 8th.

Thanks for the report Bob!  Keep ’em coming!

Xtreme Bass Tackle
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Lake St. Clair Bass Opener 2013 (Catch and Release)

April 26, 2013

It’s been a long wait but tomorrow morning we can all load up our boats, our tackle and go chase smallies once again!  Of course this spring is a wide departure from the one that we had last year.  We’ll have to fish a little slower and because of the marginal water conditions, a little closer to structure when possible.

Keep in mind that the bass tend to feed in the mid ranges of the water column during this period so although you may do fine catching them off of the bottom, pulling a very slow moving crankbait at about 1/2 the depth can be deadly.

Color can make a difference on the margins but for the most part, the bass will eat just about anything right now.  I am reminded of one trip though with my good friend Chuck, where he smacked me around pretty good by putting a black worm on a jig head this time of year.  If you are a float ‘n fly fan or fish my drop-shot tubes under a bobber, I would recommend that too.

NEW FOR 2013!Marked Maps Live!™ now has a Pre-fish category that is being used to point out spots in the system where the bass have been seasonally strong, based on Combat Bass Fishing data.  If you are a Marked Maps owner you can subscribe to this live information service which now has the Pre-fish category and have the best information available for bass anglers on Lake St. Clair.

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and more…

See you on the water tomorrow…

Capt. Wayne Carpenter

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David Hasty, FLW Co-Angler Winner on Detroit River

August 25, 2012

Captain David Hasty – Erie’s Edge Guide Service

David Hasty strings together three days worth of smallmouth to top the co-angler field at the FLW Outdoors tournament on the Detroit River, MI (August 23 – 26)!  His total weight of 55-02 lbs. put him eleven ounces ahead of his closest rival.

Dave called in after day two to let me know that the reason he was in contention was because of the Xtreme Bass Tackle™, Canadian Mist tube.  On stage Saturday Dave said that, and that he caught his last fish on a crankbait to put him over the top with only three minutes to go.  This makes a 13th top 10 finish for Dave on the Detroit River.

While asked what made it happen for him this week Dave immediately thanked all of his boaters who put in the work to line up spots and get him near big fish. Next he thanked his Dad for sharing “tips and tricks” with him over the years. “He taught me that when it gets slow, to grind it out,” Dave said.

Xtreme Bass Tackle™ Canadian Mist

He then turned to the baits that made it happen and said that Xtreme Baits, Canadian Mist by Wayne Carpenter helped him to put together those stringers. You can order it now from the Xtreme Bass Tackle™ website or by calling TOLL FREE (877) 485-2223.

Insert this high quality, cam action device right into where you’re old knob used to be!

Not only does Dave enjoy the winner’s circle but he has also made our day on the water more enjoyable by inventing the “Quick-Slip™.” If you are tired of cranking that little knob to raise or lower your trolling motor then the “Quick-Slip™” is the answer for you. This high quality, cam action lever takes a painful turn of a knob into an instant, quick release and reset of your trolling motor position with little effort. You can order it now from the Erie’s Edge website under OUR PRODUCTS.
When it becomes available, you can find the day 3 weigh-in and more at:  FLW Detroit River Videos

410 Lake St. Clair Bass Fishing Spots in Marked Maps HD Complete

June 23, 2012

Fishing the big water just got a lot easier with Lake St. Clair Marked Maps HD Complete™.  With 27 laminated maps assembled into a single chart book this NEW product release has already made an impact for anglers who are serious about crushing the learning curve and getting up to speed on Lake St. Clair smallmouth bass in a hurry.

The new Marked Maps HD Complete chart book released for sale on 06/09/2012

With “Spot Level Detail™” for 410 spots in both the U.S. and Canada you can get instant access to over a decade of compiled Combat Bass Fishing information for the following areas:

  • Fair Haven
  • New Baltimore
  • Selfridge
  • Strawberry Island
  • Metro Beach
  • The Mile Roads
  • Grosse Point Shores
  • Windmill Point
  • Askins Point
  • The Belle Hump
  • Stoney Point
  • Mitchell’s Bay
  • The Stakes 2
  • The Stakes 1
  • The Firecracker
  • St. Clair Light
  • Lower South Channel
  • Upper South Channel
  • Upper North Channel
  • Lower North Channel
  • The Sni
  • Upper Middle Channel
  • Middle Middle Channel
  • Lower Middle Channel
  • Russel Island North
  • Fawn Island South
  • Fawn Island

To order your set of Marked Maps™ visit the Xtreme Bass Tackle website or call TOLL FREE (877) 485-2223

Registered owners of a previous version of Marked Maps Series #1 or Series #2 are eligible for a trade-in discount

Lake St. Clair Fishing Reports Pouring in to Marked Maps Live!™

June 22, 2012

A snapshot of today’s Marked Maps Live! report

Marked Map Series™ owners are getting a great look at the action on Lake St. Clair via Marked Maps Live!™  As Combat Bass Fishing™ staff and myself are working the water we are also working to get you the most timely and complete bass fishing information available.  In the graphic you can see what part of a Marked Maps Live!™ report looks like but what you don’t see are the remainder of the reports across the rest of the 27 map set.  There are reports from the South Channel, Middle Channel, North Channel and more!

Marked Maps Live!™ is a live bass fishing information service available to registered owners of the Marked Map Series™ maps sold by Xtreme Bass Tackle and compiled by myself, Capt. Wayne Carpenter. The color coded spots correspond with spots marked on the maps and tell you if there were zero fish caught on the spot on that given day, average bass or tournament quality bass!

The new Marked Maps HD Complete chart book released for sale on 06/09/2012

The new Marked Maps HD Complete™ chart book update has just been finished two weeks ago and is now available for sale.  Each map shows a section of Lake St. Clair or the St. Clair River and is marked with proven bass fishing spots by number.  Corresponding “Spot Level Detail™” is given for each of the 410 spots in the 27 map set and in many cases, GPS coordinates are included.  It’s a great way to get a fast start on this big body of water.

To order call TOLL FREE at:

           (877) 485-2223
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Formula G3™ Back in Stock!

May 8, 2012

From time-to-time Xtreme Bass Tackle gets a run on a bait and a shortage ensues.  Normally it’s St. Clair Crayfish but early this season there has been a rush for the Reaper Products custom color: Formula G3XBT just got an emergency order in to satisfy demand right for now but we are still waiting on the order to come in to bring the Formula G3 inventory back to full levels.  If you had a backorder on that color it has been shipped.  Thanks everyone for your patience and enthusiasm for the #2 color for all time, Formula G3!