The Bass to the Future™ Concept

Wayne Carpenter - Great Lakes Captain

Delivering the tools necessary to combine both old and new technologies and make your next trip on the water the best it can be sums up the Bass to the Future concept.  See how On Board Technology, Physical Products, Free Internet Sources, Casual Sources, Equipment and Documented Sources can be used to dial in the bite, how to rig your rods, where to fish, how to eliminate water and isolate high percentage structure.  This daily blog contains the depth of information necessary to advance your knowledge of the sport and it will only get better.  Use this free resource to search out topics of interest or to learn about the various websites, products and services I offer.

Capt. Wayne Carpenter, an accomplished seminar speaker and guide has written the books: No Secrets on Lake St. Clair vol. 1, No Secrets on Lake St. Clair vol. 2, Smallmouth Confidential, published the Lake St. Clair Combat Bass Fishing Newsletter for 10 years, published 27 Marked Maps of Lake St. Clair and designed the tube baits: St. Clair Goby™, Erie Goby, Firetiger, Great Lakes Craw™, St. Clair Crayfish™ and Great Lakes Perch™.

How to get the most out of the Bass to the Future website: Using The Bass to the Future Website – Find What You are Looking For

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