Lake St. Clair – Those Other Fish (Multi-species #2)

May 20th, 2010

Andy Nester of Fenton, MI get\’s one that\’s a fish of a lifetime

Last Saturday also brought on a huge influx of those other fish that had no clue we were just fishing for bass.  It’s a good thing too!  Some anglers caught the fish of a lifetime and it just goes to show how diverse a fishery that Lake St. Clair really is.  That wasn’t the only one caught off of that boat Saturday.  A second musky was caught and released and the day had plenty of bass to keep it interesting in between.

Matt Bird has a lifetime of fishing experience behind him and appreciates a quality catch like this

After doing a fair share of pike fishing over the years lifting one out of the water by hand became something I was used to. Still, those toothy critters deserve some respect. It’s kinda like a backlash on a bait casting reel. I’ll make 200 casts then on cast 201 my concentration will lapse for a split second then the next thing you know I’m picking at the mono (or flouro, or braid) to get the loops out of the backlash. Well, picking up a pike or a musky can be the same kind of skill. No matter how many times you do it there isn’t much room for error as you can see in the last picture. In this case it isn’t my thumb but the thumb of one of our intrepid duo above. The last time this happened to me was when I was holding the musky under the gill area and it thrashed. I never lost control of the fish but its teeth grazed my thumb and that’s all it took to cut through the skin.

In spite of the dangers catching these freshwater barracuda is still amazing, but there’s more… Check out the photos from the DK Open on Saturday and you will see a couple more musky and a drum:

DK Open on Great Lakes Bass

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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