Lake St. Clair Bass Opener 2013 (Catch and Release)

It’s been a long wait but tomorrow morning we can all load up our boats, our tackle and go chase smallies once again!  Of course this spring is a wide departure from the one that we had last year.  We’ll have to fish a little slower and because of the marginal water conditions, a little closer to structure when possible.

Keep in mind that the bass tend to feed in the mid ranges of the water column during this period so although you may do fine catching them off of the bottom, pulling a very slow moving crankbait at about 1/2 the depth can be deadly.

Color can make a difference on the margins but for the most part, the bass will eat just about anything right now.  I am reminded of one trip though with my good friend Chuck, where he smacked me around pretty good by putting a black worm on a jig head this time of year.  If you are a float ‘n fly fan or fish my drop-shot tubes under a bobber, I would recommend that too.

NEW FOR 2013!Marked Maps Live!™ now has a Pre-fish category that is being used to point out spots in the system where the bass have been seasonally strong, based on Combat Bass Fishing data.  If you are a Marked Maps owner you can subscribe to this live information service which now has the Pre-fish category and have the best information available for bass anglers on Lake St. Clair.

Nautical Mile BP is freshly stocked with Xtreme Bass Tackle baits!  Look for the best selection of XBT baits around at 9 Mile and Jefferson!

More baits than ever on the Xtreme Bass Tackle website!

NEW FOR 2013:

Tri-Laminate Tube – Bluegill

Reaper Products tube – Violet Shiner


Rattle Jigs


Red Dirt Spinnerbaits


Clearance Section


and more…

See you on the water tomorrow…

Capt. Wayne Carpenter

(877) 485-2223


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