Lake St. Clair Fishing Reports Pouring in to Marked Maps Live!™

A snapshot of today’s Marked Maps Live! report

Marked Map Series™ owners are getting a great look at the action on Lake St. Clair via Marked Maps Live!™  As Combat Bass Fishing™ staff and myself are working the water we are also working to get you the most timely and complete bass fishing information available.  In the graphic you can see what part of a Marked Maps Live!™ report looks like but what you don’t see are the remainder of the reports across the rest of the 27 map set.  There are reports from the South Channel, Middle Channel, North Channel and more!

Marked Maps Live!™ is a live bass fishing information service available to registered owners of the Marked Map Series™ maps sold by Xtreme Bass Tackle and compiled by myself, Capt. Wayne Carpenter. The color coded spots correspond with spots marked on the maps and tell you if there were zero fish caught on the spot on that given day, average bass or tournament quality bass!

The new Marked Maps HD Complete chart book released for sale on 06/09/2012

The new Marked Maps HD Complete™ chart book update has just been finished two weeks ago and is now available for sale.  Each map shows a section of Lake St. Clair or the St. Clair River and is marked with proven bass fishing spots by number.  Corresponding “Spot Level Detail™” is given for each of the 410 spots in the 27 map set and in many cases, GPS coordinates are included.  It’s a great way to get a fast start on this big body of water.

To order call TOLL FREE at:

           (877) 485-2223
           Tackle website:

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