Lake St. Clair Smallies Feeding Hard

Captain Mike McGrane with a rare big largemouth caught way offshore

Follow the groups of boats and you’ll find bass in the post-spawn blues.  Follow the break into deeper water and you’ll find Lake St. Clair post-spawn smallmouth feeding hard!

Captain Mike McGrane and I spent  a few hours checking out the “Mile Roads” to research the status of the fishery where it concerns smallmouth

We happened on to a school of post-spawn feeders in the 2 1/2 lb. to 3 1/2 lb. range that just wouldn’t quit.  The fun part was that we could work a range of baits to study the bite.  Here’s what we found:


Triple Threat™     Formula G3™      Canadian Mist     St. Clair Goby NFT™


Erie Goby    Great Lakes Craw™


Deep diving crankbaits

Getting on a school like this gives us a great opportunity to try different baits and presentations under ideal conditions.  I did pull out an “Alabama Rig” for awhile but found that there were some logistical issues that needed to be worked out.  I then went back to catching fish the old fashioned way.

They just kept coming, and coming and coming…

Even though there is a main body of bass that are finishing up the spawn and are into the post-spawn blues you can find groups of bass that are already past that and on the feed if you are willing to cover some water.  It can take hours to find the exact spot that works but it can be worth it.  Post-spawners tend to roam yet at times they will pile up on a spot enmasse and feel the need to eat now, now, now!

By “opening day” all the bass should be in this mood and ready to play!

Detailed information of where we caught these bass on Memorial Day is available to Marked Maps owners who subscribe to Marked Maps Live!

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2 Responses to “Lake St. Clair Smallies Feeding Hard”

  1. karol Says:

    hey wayne like the shirt!! any for sale?

    • Wayne Carpenter Says:

      Hi Karol:

      It’s been four years since you posted this comment but I figured you deserved a reply. By now you are probably aware that my social media platform is up and running with twitter, instagram, facebook and this blog. Always good to hear from you. God bless…be good! Wayne

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