Lake St. Clair Bass Fishing – Awareness

Lake St. Clair in low light conditions. An awesome place to be.

It was such a decent evening with winds just strong enough to keep the insects at bay yet light enough to allow an ease of navigation. It was one of those times where even fine boat control techniques could be freely used. All the usual Lake St. Clair elements were there with the ships going up and down the shipping channel, terns squawking overhead, the occasional cruiser wake to manage and the bass were biting. In the distance we could see dark clouds and heard a continuous rumbling that sounded like thunder, yet there was no rain in the forecast. We chalked it up to something being done at Selfridge AFB but it was still impossible to completely ignore the sky.

It’s days like these that can push the memories back of spearing waves and managing multiple drift socks to stay on fish. In fact it is amazing how a day like this can bleed off the stress of the job with every mile from shore and every bass put in the boat. It wasn’t even the ultimate fishing day with four and five pound bass jumping in the boat but is was an ultimate experience to share with my friend Scott as we worked our way through various structures to find the bass that were available.

Scott during a previous trip in Anchor Bay

Popping a 3 lb. smallmouth on a piece of river structure that might not have had any fish at all yet was cool. Really cool was to see Scott with his fluid spinnerbait hookset pull the biggest smallie caught off this one structure in 10 years. At one point I mentioned to him that it seemed like the mouth of the smallmouth was even smaller this year and asked him if he had noticed that too? For whatever reason lipping smallies has been a chore for me this season. It could just be the old age and eyesight thing but I swear their mouths were bigger before. It’s a good thing to have a friend around who will humor you though as Scott proceeded to struggle with one smallmouth at the side of the boat and mentioned that what I said just might be true.

It was the third time this year where the trip back required the navigation lights to be turned on and the wisdom to travel back at a moderate speed just in case something I couldn’t avoid was floating in the now black expanse before me. No matter what this big body of what throws at me next time it can never take away the memory of this trip and the value of good times spent recharging the spirit with the promise that we will do it again, soon.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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