Lake St. Clair – Back Home and Switching Gears

It was great to travel to Muskegon Lake and it is great to be home. If I had been home early enough on Sunday I guarantee that my boat would have been hitched and headed out to the big lake before my bags were unpacked. I got my wish a day later and found myself back on familiar water, but something was different.

I had just spent two days fishing bass that wouldn’t chase anything. They wanted the bait sitting there for them to find and to pounce on. After fishing for awhile it occurred to me…the boat and I are floating in Lake St. Clair, what am I waiting for? Out came the jerkbait and the spinnerbait and I was rewarded with a couple of 3 lb. smalllies.

It’s not that unusual to be fishing the memory of the bass we caught the last time we were on the water. This was the first time however that I “felt” the tempo that I was fishing and recognized it as moving at Muskegon Lake speed. Back on Lake St. Clair the bass will chase and be aggressive most of the time. This was just one time that I noticed how deeply ingrained muscle memory becomes while solving the bite on one body of water. How many times in the past did I ignore this phenomenon and not make the necessary adjustment in time? I’ll never know for sure but from now on I’ll continuously “switch gears” and watch what happens.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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