The Combat Fishing Team Prevails at the TBF State Championship – Muskegon, Michigan

At 8:35pm est on Monday night the Combat Fishing Team received a call from TBF President Jeff Cox. It is official…the Combat Fishing Team has won the Monster Bass Superteam Challenge to finish at the top team spot for the TBF State Championship 2010 at Muskegon Lake. It was a tough fish that day so none of us had the idea that we would be close on this but we did know one thing; we all had a great weekend working out spots, baits, presentations and strategies together as a team. It was a win for us before we knew about the results because as a group we were able to pull together, share information and above all, keep it fun!

Once the official results come in I will post them but no matter what anyone on the team caught, we all did our best. The photo below is from the end of the tournament on Sunday:

Left to right: David Hasty, Michael McGrane, Mark (Cowboy) Frickman, Wayne Carpenter, Brian Belevender, Bob (Jigger) Mann

Well done everyone! Now it’s off to Lake St. Clair for the next one.

Mark Frickman prepares the day before the event

Mark at the scales on tournament day

Mike McGrane brought a limit to the scales

Brian Belevender also brings a limit to the scales

Bob (Jigger) Mann brought two to the scales but this one really helped!

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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