Fun With Muskies #2

What a thrill it is to see a top of the line predator up close and personal. That’s the way it was today when I was bringing a 3 1/2 lb. smallmouth up to the boat and a musky in the 50″ class showed up.

So I see the musky and think, “Sure, I’ll just get the bass in quickly.” That turned out to be not such a great idea. The truth was however that in this situation there wasn’t a right decision. The musky was dialed in whether I left the bass low or brought it to the boat. Bringing the bass up toward the surface just got the musky more excited and it made its move. Most of the time muskies dart up, grab the bass then accelerate off into the deep while breaking the line in the process. This one was different.

This is the smallie that was attacked. You can see the three teeth marks from the musky on the upper part of the bass near the dorsal fin

The musky comes up at a steady pace then flares its gills, opens wide (more than wide enough for this 3 lb. smallmouth) then closes its jaws around the bass and sits there. The only thing I could think of doing at that moment is to take my Grandt Rod (lifetime warranty) and beat the musky repeatedly over the head. Fortunately the Grandt Rod is not only warrantable but durable and the musky, while it didn’t react immediately got the message and let go of the bass then slowly swam off and I kept catching bass with the same rod.

What a great place to fish this Lake St. Clair is! I can’t wait to go again.

The bass was caught on a 4″ Muskegon Goby tube with a rattle.

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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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