Fishing Spot Specs – What is the Baseline Water Temp?

Water temperatures vary greatly around a large body of water that has springs, a feed from one of the Great Lakes and areas with

Fishing Reports

slow moving water. A base line water temp can be the great equalizer by providing a stable, slow changing water temperature to key on when tracking seasonal bass movements. In the case of Lake St. Clair and Fishing Spot Specs™ reports, the base line water temperature is taken from the Detroit River at the Belle Isle station.

While water temperatures drop in the shallows overnight then warm quickly during a sunny day the Belle Isle water temp will remain constant. A steady reading makes the advantage of tracking bass movements through temperature more of a science than an art. You can go back into your log book, find a similar water temperature and the spots that were hot during that time period and come very close to duplicating the results years later. This saves time, saves gas and keeps you on the best quality bass available.

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