The Summer Bite Emerges – 2010

It’s not hard to be grateful for the shear quality and diversity of this world class smallmouth bass fishery called Lake St. Clair. Each period during the season, the pre-spawn, spawn, post-spawn, summer bite, fall transition and fall pattern have their distinct characteristics but boy am I glad the post-spawn period is coming to a close.

Unless you have been on top of a specific group of bass, the last two weeks have been marked by long runs to multiple spots trying to grind out average quality bass. This period is filled with bass in moods that run from complete indifference to short periods of wild aggression with no way to plan ahead or construct effective patterns or strategies.

The most obvious way to detect the emergence of the summer bite is by how you see bass respond on the water. The summer bite response is everything that the post-spawn isn’t. The good news is that we can now begin to develop strategies and plans to increase our catch rate in numbers and size and get the most out of this world class fishery.

You can find more about Summer Bite indicators in the book, No Secrets on Lake St. Clair vol. 1 on page 47 or go to Fishing Spots Specs™ and get the latest, most accurate and best bass fishing reports available on Lake. St. Clair.

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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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