LSC webTV Network Technical Challenge

The video was done by Wednesday save for a couple of clips to drop in about news and current events. Even with just a few hours to posting time left after a full day on the water there wasn’t any concern at all about hitting the 9pm deadline.

New broadcast every Friday by 9pm

As time marched on the clips were done and dropped in then converted to a format that YouTube would accept. So far, so good. It wasn’t until the upload was complete (in time for the deadline) that I had learned the video wasn’t accepted because of the length (over 10 minutes long). That’s how the one news segment got posted separately. As it turns out it’s not a bad thing but last Friday the video didn’t get fully uploaded and ready to view until 10pm. There’s one issue that won’t happen again.

Special thanks to: Capt. Michael McGrane for tips and commentary, Frank Keller for voice over, Horizon Helicopter Service for aerial clips, NBAA for tournament results, for tournament scheduling, Jeff Gibson and Dan Mason for taking the time to interview and Bob “Jigger” Mann for greetings to Ontario bass anglers.

Click here to see the video(s) off of the Combat Bass Fishing website

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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