Fun With Muskies…

So Frank and I are fishing for bass down at Windmill Point, minding our own business and Frank hooks another one. His line is out in the current and I’m at the ready on the net when Frank says, “Wayne, this one’s not moving.” Is it the current causing this, is it just a very big bass digging in? Nope! We both watched as a musky thrashes at the surface then Frank’s line gets a lot easier to pull in. The bass that Frank landed was a bit tattered as far as bass go. The bloody teeth marks showed right where the musky held on until it finally gave up.

Unfortunately at that moment I didn’t have the i-Kam glasses on that Doug Scott let me borrow. Thank you very much Doug. These were pretty cool. The camera and microphone are built right into the glasses. If they were on at the time and turned on then we would have captured the musky breaking the surface as we looked at it.

Next time…

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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