Lake St. Clair – Best Bass Fishing Report You Can Find

Why spend a day on the water without the absolute best bass fishing information available? We put an expensive rig out there, the best rods, the finest in electronics and a list of baits and presentations big enough to index with the Library of Congress so why not bring the most accurate, up-to-date information into the game plan? Here’s what you can do to get the most accurate and detailed bass fishing information on Lake St. Clair:

Weekly Combat Bass Fishing Newsletter (Research Edition)™ via email for 16 weeks starting 6/18/2010 through 10/1/2010: $99

For Marked Map™ customers Marked Maps Live!™ subscription May 1st, 2010 through May 1st 2011: $29.98

Fishing Spot Specs™ downloadable reports based on your personal search (a la carte): Single area/spot report $3.00 up to 25 area/spot reports for less than $12.00

The Lake St. Clair Combat Bass Fishing Weekly Newsletter (Research Edition)

Marked Maps Series™ Live Information – 2000 through 2010

Fishing Spot – Sample Report

For information about products or services call TOLL FREE – (877) 485-2223
Email at: Email Combat Bass Fishing™

If you are interested in a guided trip on Lake St. Clair click here for brochure

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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