JUST RELEASED! New Fishing Chart for Lake St. Clair

It’s been months in the making but Waterproof Charts™ has just released a new fishing chart for Lake St. Clair. Just like the NOAA charts already available through Waterproof Charts™ the fishing version carries the same accuracy and detail. What’s new is the additional fishing information added in to help anglers identify good spots to fish and identify parts of the Lake by their local names plus many starting GPS coordinate points.

The first run of these new fishing charts are only available through Xtreme Bass Tackle™ and the Nautical Mile BP Tackle Shop.

For Xtreme Bass Tackle™ put in your order now for the limited first run of these maps ($26.95) by:

Send email request for St. Clair Map:
By phone: TOLL FREE: (877) 485-2223

NOTE: I will have your map at the NBAA Saturday tournament in the morning if you are going to be there

For the Nautical Mile BP Tackle Shop:

Directions and contact information for the Nautical Mile BP Tackle Shop

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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2 Responses to “JUST RELEASED! New Fishing Chart for Lake St. Clair”

  1. Charlton Kewayosh😎 Says:

    I would like to purchase a copy of your new Lake StClair map as a bday present for my brother. What is your cost in Canadian currency??

    • Wayne Carpenter Says:

      Hi Charlton:

      Wow, this is a super late response to your question and I apologize for that. I just found it in the admin part of my website. I’m sure that it is too late for your brother’s birthday but I wanted you to know that I finally saw your message. To answer your questions I think PayPal or Mastercard/Visa handles the exchange rate so the final price in Canadian currency would reflect that. Shipping is probably around $17 but I would still have to check on that with the post office before sending.

      Thanks again for checking with my blog,
      Capt. Wayne Carpenter

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