Xtreme Bass Tackle – Drop-shot Tube Strategy

Using a drop-shot rig might be different than what you are used to but it is one of the easier rigs to use and it is deadly. On some days smallmouth feed hard off of the bottom but when they are not, the drop shot rig puts your bait right into their strike zone. If you’re not fired up yet about the ability to reach a new group of bass that wasn’t previously available to you, there’s more…

The drop-shot rig lends itself to rapid bait changes which when it functions as a live bait rig isn’t much of an advantage. When using soft plastic baits however it gives you a tool with overwhelming superiority. What if you could present 10 different bait colors to a school of bass in 10 minutes? With the drop-shot rig and Xtreme Bass Tackle™ baits you can. That short investment of time will tell you volumes about what color(s) the smallies prefer that day.

The way I do this is to set up on an area with a school of smallmouth and make two casts per color. The data gathered by that short experience is invaluable and useful anywhere on the body of water that day.

With Xtreme Bass Tackle™ drop-shot tubes you can put colors that have proven themselves through research and sales over a long period of time (high percentage baits) in front of the bass. As you can see from my drop-shot box the largest compartment is full of Canadian Mist. That color has proven itself to be the most consistent of all.

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6 Responses to “Xtreme Bass Tackle – Drop-shot Tube Strategy”

  1. karol Says:

    hey wayne what would you say is the ultimate setup for dropshot fishing as far as rod length and line size? have a 7 ft st croix medium heavy with a 30 series quantum pti and 8 lb p-line cxx. would this be ok? thanks ..karol or what would you recomend?

  2. Terry Bone Says:

    I think if you should kits like you have above people would buy them. I think kits like this that give me a good sample of different colors.

  3. Terry Bone Says:

    I think if you sold kits like you have above people would buy them. I think kits like this that give a good sample of different colors are the way to go.

  4. Wayne Says:

    Hi Terry: We do kits like that at the shows but sure, I can put something together now and see how it sells. Good looking out!

  5. Wayne Carpenter Says:

    Hi Karol: The classic drop-shot rod size is something like 6′ 9″ or 6′ 10.” If that works for you great but for me I’ll throw a medium action 7′ 6″ Grandt Rod. I get more flexibility in the tip and that made catching drop-shot fish easy. I haven’t found a reason to have a preference for a reel yet so we’ll see. I have had problems with 8 lb. test line and smallmouth on Lake St. Clair so I moved up into 10 lb. test for all my drop-shotting. The P-line CXX would be good line to have around the zebra mussels.

  6. Chuck Hirst Says:

    This one got my wheels turning buddy, thanks! And I agree with Terry above about the kits. Great idea. And to Karol: I have 9 St. Croix rods. Don’t ya’ just love ’em?!

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