Lake St. Clair – The Color Shift is On 2010

If there was ever a creature on this planet that was color selective it’s has got to be the smallmouth bass. This fact isn’t lost on seasoned smallmouth bass anglers who see firsthand how a subtle shade or even the size of flake in a plastic bait can make a difference on any given day. This tendency becomes hyper color selectivity during the summer bite so get ready but for right now we are in transition and a preference for certain colors is emerging.

This smallmouth didn't make it easy but Maxine didn't make it easy on the smallie either

Slither™ has been a top producer for the early season and this is no surprise. Every year this color dominates early on. It will continue to produce on those days the bass desire nothing else but the all time #1 top color, Canadian Mist is making its move. This bait is never a bad choice but it’s starting to become the bait of choice for smallmouth on Lake St. Clair. I was able to get out on the water for a few hours with mom and see it in action. I rigged her up with a drop-shot rig and a Canadian Mist drop-shot tube and she did the rest. The first smallie was taken in 10 feet off of a rock pile, jumped, fought, then fought some more while she finally wrestled it boat side to be greeted by the net. It was 17″ but the most significant feature was the large belly. It was heavy.

The fight started on the starboard side

After working through other fish she connected again with a smallmouth that ran even bigger but didn’t quite have the heft of the first. Again a Canadian Mist drop-shot tube made it happen. We were drifting in 13 feet of water when she cast out then waited for the line to stop spooling off of the reel. I asked about what was going on and she said, “The line hasn’t stopped yet.” I suggested she go ahead and cock the reel anyway and as she did this a smallmouth came flying out of the water about 30 yards away.

Now we're on the port side where the fight was finished. You can see the bass in the water and some friends looking on in the distance

Another suggestion was made that it would be a good idea to start reeling and then the fight was on. For those of you who know the power and attitude smallmouth display when hooked you can relate to her epic battle as the smallie sounded, then sounded again and again. Both of the quality smallmouth she caught this day were full of strength and energy and ready for good scrap.

The Mayfly tube continued to produce with regularity but on this day Canadian Mist was king!

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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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