Lake St. Clair – Bass in Canada v.s. the U.S.

(This is an excerpt from the book No Secrets on Lake St. Clair Vol. 2 (page 77) about which side of the border is better for bass tournament anglers on Lake St. Clair.)

Question: Is it better to fish in Canadian or U.S. water?

There are some benefits to fishing in Canada that are impossible to ignore:

  • Lower boat traffic
  • Higher concentration of rock when compared with the U.S.
  • Walpole territory is part of the Canadian side
  • Generally less fishing pressure

Even with the apparent imbalance of positive factors that favor fishing the Canadian side, U.S. water can still be the place to be for a win. The most extensive and many of the most productive ares in the St. Clair River are in the U.S. portion of the channel system (North, South, Middle). The largest bass registered with the DNR in 2002 came out of Anchor Bay (U.S.). When the pro’s visit this body of water a large contingent of fish brought to the scales come from U.S. waters.

Graphic supplied by Bill (Mac) McElroy originator of the nationally known cartoon characters, Scales and Tales™

The answer lies in confidence, angling style, time of year, general bass location (weed v.s. rock, current v.s. no current, deep v.s. shallow, warm water v.s. cool water) and logistic limitations.

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