Lake St. Clair – Outllook for Opening Day Ontario 2010

The much anticipated “opening day” for bass on Lake St. Clair in Ontario is almost upon us. It comes on the fourth Saturday in June and this year it looks like we could have a strong bite on the opener.

Traditionally bass fishing is strong on the South Shore of Lake St. Clair in Canada for opening day. The strength of the bite is dependent each year on the overall weather patterns and in the most general sense, cool is bad and warm is good. What we have this year is warm.

In the big picture the warmer weather will accelerate the spawn or at the very least keep it on schedule. If it’s on schedule then the spawn finishes up right about the time of the “opener” and bass are into the post-spawn blues. This year is appears to be accelerated which means the main body of spawning bass are already progressing toward the post-spawn and should be on a post-spawn feed by the fourth Saturday.

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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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