Lake St. Clair – Memorial Day 2010 Wrap-up

It was two and a half days of absolutely perfect weather that brought big numbers of bass out to play. Much about the bite has changed since last week and the bite on bigger bass has slowed down. One thing for sure though is that the rock bass were dominating the action.

The word on this one is that the photo really doesn't do it justice. Scott got this on a spot known for 4 lb. smallies and this one was pushing the high side of that average

Scott Hayes and his father Ron both experienced the rock bass explosion first hand. After the trip he prefaced the entire fishing report with, “You might as well assume that we caught rock bass everywhere we went today.” The father/son team made its way down the U.S. coastline toward the Detroit River, all the while picking up good numbers of average bass on most spots. The big highlight came when Scott hooked a black looking smallmouth that was pushing five pounds. It was caught in an area packed with keeper largemouth. The active fishing trip on Monday went smoothly right down to putting the boat on the trailer just before the T-storms came.

I got out Sunday afternoon and worked the U.S. shoreline north of where Scott was the next day and found the smallmouth action to have slowed a bit. It’s another banner year for largemouth though. St. Clair Crayfish and Mayfly tubes really produced. Click here to see a blog about the trip

It’s always assumed that Lake St. Clair will be overrun with both anglers and recreational boats but the odds are 50/50 that many folks head “up north” instead of the Lake. Two major launches still had spots left in the mid-afternoon on Sunday so it wasn’t as congested as it could have been. The boating activity on the water was much like any beautiful weekend during the summer months.

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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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