Lake St. Clair – Entering the Mayfly Zone May 2010

One of the most important seasonal INDICATORS to watch for is the advent of the mayfly hatch. It changes bass behavior by flooding the food chain with an overabundance of forage. Bass caught during this period look like pre-spawn females because their distended bellies are stuffed full. They tend to release partially digested mayfly pieces into the water when brought up to the boat. From Fishing Spots Specs™ reports we know that the first sign of a mayfly hatch came on or about Monday May 24th.

These early mayflies are generally smaller (about 1/2 the size of the largest), darker and aren’t known to generate a lot of excitement amongst the bass populations that we know of. As of this writing we have found them as far up as Anchor Bay and down to the Grosse Point Club. A report of a hatch of larger mayflies in the 9 Mile area is in. What remains is to see how strong that hatch will be.

It’s the larger species of mayfly that inspired the new Xtreme Bass Tackle™ Mayfly™ tube. The base color for the tube is a cream/gold color which mimics the color of the mayfly that gets the bite going. This bait has already been a top early producer on Lake St. Clair this year now the time has come for it to show what it can do during a seasonal period where anglers are working extra hard to get few fish.

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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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