Lake St. Clair – Smallmouth Bass “In the Moment”

Every fish has its moment where they will bite anything you throw at them yet there seems to me to be something special about smallmouth bass and their propensity to turn off just as fast as they turn on. Tournament anglers work under the pressure of a ticking clock and are most likely to get the broadest look at the phenomenon. The pressure that is on them to produce at the highest possible level during each hour of a tournament produces a kind of tunnel vision toward smallmouth behavior. Different behavior = different bait or presentation.

On a macro level bass have semi-predictable seasonal trends which clue us into their position in the ecosystem and what type of bait selection might be the most effective. A pre-spawn smallmouth has a wide range of movement and a wide range of appetites. A summer bite smallmouth holds tight to structure and may only bite one style of bait presented in a very specific fashion. In both cases an angler can make good general judgments about where to fish based on very little information.

There is probably nothing more fun than just going out with friends and “winging it,” taking stock of “the moment” with each other and accepting whatever a beautiful day on the water will bring. Some anglers though thrive on expanding their knowledge and build on each success or failure then apply that knowledge to a future trip. On a micro level general information is used to isolate tight spots and presentations which then in turn become a strategy or “game plan” for a successful day on the water.

This was one of those 'big fish' moments on the St. Clair River

So being “in the moment” is that place where every factor that led up to getting on a hot bite comes together. A west wind in the summer with cloudy skies becomes a trip out to a weed flat where you just know they will be waiting for you. A mayfly hatch means that only certain rods and baits come out of the rod locker to press the attack. You catch a nearly undetectable swirl out of the corner of your eye and make a cast to it for a sure hook-up. It’s those moments that keep us coming back for more and it’s the time on the water plus knowledge and information which makes more moments like these possible.

For Lake St. Clair, Marked Maps Live!™ and Fishing Spot Specs™ delivers exactly the kind of information that can help make your trip out to the big water the best it can be. Both internet products work side-by-side with laminated Marked Maps, books and downloadable spot specific reports which carry both Live! and historical data. These tools and the knowledge and experience you already have can help to make this the best bass fishing season possible.

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