Lake St. Clair – Very Nice Place to Visit #1

There are so many reasons to visit the big water and fishing is just one of them. While we are out there though we get to enjoy some beautiful things both created and man made. One soothing memory persists of fishing in the North Channel and hearing a pulsating chorus of sounds coming toward us but out of our line of sight. As the sounds grew in intensity it became clear that they were coming at us from overhead. Just then a wedge of swans popped out from behind the trees and continued to fly away from us. The sounds diminished but the memory is just as vivid as the experience was that day. I hope you enjoy some of these images and look forward to joining us out on the big water soon:

Morning at the Grassy Bend Islands in Canada

A summer morning at the Harley Ensign launch

Exploring the possiblities with every cast

What swans do when their not flying overhead

You get to see ships from all over

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter


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