Lake St. Clair – With Professional Angler, Bob “Jigger” Mann Sr.

It was a trip between two friends who are both busy in the industry, love to fish but rarely get a chance to be on the same boat together. We were both determined to make it work in spite of the early sour predictions about rain, thunderstorms and stiff east winds. As the day approached weather reports started to moderate and first the thunderstorms went, then the numbers began to drop for the east winds. We figured we would have to contend with murky water left over from recent heavy rains and east winds but with rain suits in tow we set out for the launch anyway, all the while watching the flags and the trees as we approached.

Bob Mann Sr. had made the trip over from Windsor, Canada and our plan of action was to launch from Harley Ensign and head into the bay at Selfridge. Immediately we could see the winds were mild but there was plenty of time for that to change. Also, the radar showed huge gaps between the heavier rainfall which wasn’t going to make it our way. It wasn’t until we struck out from shore that we saw how good the water clarity was. The first spot had an infestation of rock bass as did the second but Bob did manage one nice smallie. The next spot yielded one of our best smallmouth of the day then it was off to community water where the action was slow but steady. Our best bass came from there.

Our next stop in the bay at Selfridge was a shot-in-the-dark and dark it was with heavily stained runoff from the Salt River. A small change in position got us out beyond the mud line and into some quality largemouth. The best of the bunch was this big female that took a 4″ Mayfly tube as it was worked through the weeds.

It was the next spot where Bob began to really pick up some steam. Watching him pick apart a rock/sand combination with some weed with a Carolina Rig or a lightweight 4″ Canadian Mist tube made me realize how tough it would be to fish head-to-head against him. He was making quick, efficient casts and seemed to know he was going to get bit before it even happened.

The rest of the day was spent catching more but mostly looking over structure and visiting new areas. We did catch more bass but the rock bass were dominating the action. At one point I hooked up with two nice drum in a new spot where we expected to find smallies.

The ride back was eventful as some rain greeted us then we saw the DNR survey nets though our water covered masks. Two we saw in plenty of time but the third one snuck up on us. It was avoided without an official recorded incident unless someone hooks up a diagnostic computer to my heart and downloads the historical data.

The day was full of everything two good friends could want in a fishing trip: catching up on each others busy lives, some friendly banter on the boat and hooking up with plenty of Lake St. Clair bass then getting back safely. Hey Bob! Let’s do that again soon!

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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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