Lake St. Clair – Safety First #2

We left the last segment with a discussion about the heavy rains sending debris into the Lake from the streams and rivers that feed it. Once again we had heavy rains but this time the Bass to the Future camera was there to record the resulting debris. What you see are two solid pieces of wood debris floating near the south side of the ramp at Harley Ensign. Either one of them would have been trouble.

Speaking of trouble…see anything wrong with the picture below? What we have here are a couple of guys out on a very small zodiac of some kind. I don’t recall if they had life jackets on but I don’t remember any. The two boats in front and behind them give you some idea of the scale. This isn’t even the craziest thing I’ve seen people do with these small boats. I’ve seen four adults on one this size and six people on one a little bit bigger. Sure they probably made it back OK but it’s one of the busiest spots in the entire Lake and the “Tuna Boats” (cruisers) won’t even notice a boat like that from their bridge.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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