Lake St. Clair – Tough Week, Great Weekend Fishing

Turning back the clock to last Saturday we were looking at up to 50 mph winds then high winds on Sunday.  Monday was better but the fishing was slow then extremely heavy rains came on Tuesday and Thursday.  By Friday at least one report of a tough bite came in so it became hard to predict the quality of the fishing for Saturday.  As it turned out the winds were lighter than the forecast said they would be, it was partly cloudy with a good amount of sun and the bass were biting.

With the weather rocking and rolling it wasn’t a big surprise that the water clarity was going to suffer.  You could see how heavily stained it was just by standing in the parking lot at Harley Ensign.  This figured in heavily for some anglers who needed better clarity to get their fish.  As it turned out the water began to clear up some toward the end of the event and help at least one team to put a few more on their sheet.

One way to enjoy the weekend fishing would have been to fish the annual DK Open.  This event for Great Lakes Bass website members is a fun paper tournament with a minimum entry fee, good friends, burgers, dogs, chips and product giveaways.  Dan Kimmel, the owner of GLB hosts the event for his members and there will be another on the west side of the state later in the season.  The paper tournament is run with each boat using a Golden Rule with a conversion scale to estimate the weight of each bass by its length.  The best five fish of the day make up the total weight for the team and the highest total weight wins plus a separate “big bass” award.  The winning estimated total for a single team was over 20 lbs.

The weather at the weigh-in was mild where a jacket wasn’t necessary. There were some clouds and moderate winds.

Where else could you have gone this weekend where they had a cake to celebrate the tournament event?

While we all feasted on the grilled food and cold beverages Dan was completing the calculations for the paper tournament by working out the totals on paper.  Members got to visit with each other and in some cases it was the first chance for them to put a face with a screen name.  A few of the screen names present were: dartag, 1javelin, mikesmiph, MadWags, fiker, MIBassKid and more.

Dan Kimmel emcee's the event. Notice the product placement.

This group is pretty tight so we all hung out for awhile.  Slowly a few would leave here or there.  The good friends and nice weather made it tough to go but eventually even Dan pulled away for the long trip home.  Just before we left we got a chance to witness a phenomenon that is rarely seen from this launch: the South Shore in Canada.  By using a map of Lake St. Clair it was determined that the most obvious part of the shoreline was the Belle River area.  If you look close at the photo you might see something that looks like a bridge.  A part of that shoreline that could be seen, but just barely, was Stoney Pointe.

If you would like to know more about the event visit the Great Lakes Bass forum about the DK Open.

Forecast temperatures look to be on the increase for the week so look for the bass to get aggressive and stay in touch with the latest and most accurate bass fishing available with Marked Maps Live! and Fishing Spot Specs.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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