Those Crazy Smallmouth – Dial in the Bite by Speed Loading Tubes

Even though early season bass show some signs of being color selective, they have yet to show their true colors. They begin to reject a wide variety of baits once the summer bite sets in. This phenomenon can be an hourly, daily, spot by spot or even presentation related trend. It can take a while to go through enough colors to find the one they want but the process can be much shorter if you speed load your tubes.

Speed loading simply means that you can switch from one bait color to another without having to retie the line to the jig. There are two ways that we will discuss doing that in this blog: speed loading with tube heads and also with football heads.

To start with you need a captive group of smallies that you know will get a look at the bait(s) you present. Smallmouth in an eddy, behind a river marker, swimming around a rock or rock pile in the Lake or roaming a small flat all give us that opportunity. Next I line up my different colors on the deck, one of each, then proceed to get the first bait out where the smallies can see it. No matter if that bait works or not I give it a few casts, take off the tube I just threw, then speed load the next color on and get it out there. After going through six or so colors it will become obvious which ones they find the most attractive. This entire process takes very little time and yields big dividends in information.

To speed load a tube heads you penetrate the tube from the outside and force the body of the jig through the surface and into the tube cavity. Adjust the jig to fit well then cast it out. By using this method you will never have to retie and can gather valuable information quickly. The downside is that the tube won’t last very long because it has a tear in it but it won’t take long to see if they will bite on that one color, then you can move on to the next.

Another way is to thread the hook of a ball head jig or football jig through the front of the tube as you would any plastic with that style jig. Even if you don’t intend to catch your fish with that presentation you can use the speed afforded by not having to retie to find the optimum color the bass are looking for. After learning that, a different presentation can be used with the “magic” color attached.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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2 Responses to “Those Crazy Smallmouth – Dial in the Bite by Speed Loading Tubes”

  1. Ken Says:

    can you give any tips on Black Lake or Hubbard Lake
    I’m planning a memorial weekend trip for smallies
    Ken Beachy

  2. Wayne Says:

    Hit this link which will take you to the Great Lakes Bass forum on inland waters. It’s free to become a member and you can ask the guys on the board that question. There are a lot of friendly folks on this board and they are very knowledgeable. That’s the best way to get what you are looking for.

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