New Michigan State Park Recreation Passport – Timing is everything

This change will be coming later in the year and these links to the DNRE will probably answer any questions you may have:

Link to: Recreation Passport main page (text below)

• Recreation Passport Replaces State Park Sticker FACT SHEET
The Recreation Passport is Michigan’s solution for funding your favorite recreation destinations, and it begins October 1, 2010.

• Recreation Passport FAQs
Answers to your questions about the Recreation Passport
revised 4/20/10

• Recreation Passport OVERVIEW
The Recreation Passport is simply a different way to pay for the management of state parks, recreation areas and forest recreation programs, as well as to support local units of government in bringing quality outdoor recreation opportunities to their communities. This initiative grew out of a proposal developed by the Citizens Committee for Michigan State Parks. It replaces the traditional state park and boating Motor Vehicle Permit (MVP) system currently in place at state parks, recreation areas and boat launches.

• Michigan’s New Recreation Passport Will Benefit State Parks, State Forests, Campgrounds, Non-Motorized Trails and Local Parks

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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