The Lake St. Clair Experience – Spring 2010 #1

The warm weather has moved fishing patterns along quickly and to date, all indications point toward an early spawn. Reports of bass spawning on inland lakes have already come in. What that means as we set out from the launch on Lake St. Clair is that the bite and bass position will be changing every day. A big shift happened this weekend as spots where we easily hooked up last week were vacant and new spots came on.

Our trip on Tuesday was short yet filled with enough bass to make it fun.

This largemouth and many others caught on a Matzuo Wart Hog and a Grandt rod

We launched at Selfridge and never went too far. The crankbait has been so much fun so far this spring I just couldn’t put it down and it was effective this trip too for largemouth, smallmouth and one stray pike. The main crankbait I’ve been using is a Matzuo Wart Hog which is something I discovered a few years ago. We are always looking for an edge out on the water and the design of these crankbaits is different than most. It has a heavy back end which gives it a unique vibration pattern. I recommend swapping out the hooks and by all means, don’t leave them out in the sun. It’s an inexpensive bait and probably a third of them don’t run right out of the box. In most cases there’s no chance of tuning them back to health.

If you have read the previous blog than the next item won’t surprise you…

Nice going once again Frank! The 4 inch Xtreme Bass Tackle Slither tube strikes again on this 5+ pound smallie.

Frank Keller invited me out on this day and out of the 20+ fish we caught none of them were as dramatic as the second to last smallmouth we caught: a smallmouth over five pounds. The winds were supposed to be from straight west at 9 to 16 mph but in typical Lake St. Clair fashion the real wind velocity was equivalent to the two numbers added together (9 + 16 = 25mph). We had already pulled a few bass off of a weedbed when I got tired of fighting the wind. Frank had just switched over to a 4″ Slither tube and put one in the boat when I began to move us away from that weedbed into open water. We weren’t getting bit so into the stiff wind I yelled, “Hey Frank, do you think we should head back to that weedbed and pick off one more before we go?” Being upwind he didn’t even have to raise his voice when he said, “Let’s wait until I get this one in.” He knew it was a good fish but what I saw in the water didn’t look like anything that big, but we have the photo to prove it.

A note just came in from Frank:
Hi Capt. Wayne:
“Confidence is king! I knew with Xtreme Bass Tackle’s 4″ Slither tube I could catch that fish. Thanks for your dedication to researching and developing such great baits! They get results. That’s why I fish XBT.”
Thanks again,

It might take a little more work right now to get on to a good bite but it’s worth the effort. Stay in touch with changing conditions with current fishing reports on Fishing Spot Specs™ or Marked Maps Live!™.

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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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2 Responses to “The Lake St. Clair Experience – Spring 2010 #1”

  1. stephenhpeters Says:

    Thats a great looking smallmouth!

    • Wayne Carpenter Says:

      Yeah, kind get used to him getting them like that. Sure, I’ll catch big fish too but it’s a war of attrition for me, working through the smaller fish to get them. I’ve got two friends who have the touch for big fish and Frank is one of them.

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