Bass Fishing Tips – More Bass with Rattles and Scent?

Dave Misaras led the way on this day where we ended up with our best trip fishing together ever

I’ve seen rattles turn bass on and I’ve seen them turn bass off.  I was fishing with my friend Dave Misaras in the St. Clair River and he was picking up several bass to my one.  Finally I turn to him and ask, “You’re using a rattle, aren’t you?”  Of course he was, I started to, now my numbers were more like his.  In a different trip that year with a customer we were fishing a shallow river break with largemouth all over it.  I’m hooking up one after another and my guest who was using the exact same bait, St. Clair Crayfish™, couldn’t get bit.  Finally I turn to him and ask, “You’re using a rattle, aren’t you?”  Of course he was, took it out, then his numbers were more like mine.

Anglers who use rattles tend to be “true believers” and use them 100% of the time.  While they will never know how many bass they are missing I believe in the long run they will be successful because confidence will catch more fish than any technique or bait.  Using scent is a confidence trait that draws the same type of angler.  Stories abound with those who have found the specific scent which is their magic bullet and responsible for out-fishing both friends and competitors.  Their confidence will also likely result in long-term success.

I’ve tested both rattles and scent in the field and have found a mixed bag of results.  When bass are available in murky waters rattles are definitely a “go to” option.  Rattles are also worth trotting out at any time to see if there is a strong response.  Testing different scents has generally shown weak results.  If there was one instance I would use scent for sure is when it’s known that bass are in a spot but not biting.  I would add scent to try to stimulate a response.

Xtreme Bass Tackle™ plastics come unscented.  Having a bait that allows an angler to add their confidence scent is important with so many effective scents on the market.  This appeals to a wider number of anglers and doesn’t lock the angler or bass into accepting the bait with only one scent option.  What XBT baits does offer is a wide variety of color options developed with Natural Forage Technology™ that can give the bass a reason to look, then the rest is up to you.

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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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4 Responses to “Bass Fishing Tips – More Bass with Rattles and Scent?”

  1. Jim @ Mozingo Lake Says:

    Hello Wayne,

    Interesting article and viewpoint. I have had the same experience (a mixed bag of results) with rattles and scents when fishing for both smallmouth and largemouth bass. They are both something I will try when things slow down or the person I am with is using them and having success and I am not.

    Thanks for the post … it’s nice to know someone else views rattles and scents in the same light …

    • Wayne Carpenter Says:

      Great stuff Jim! I’ll never stop researching this stuff. All the studies done to prove that one scent is better than another are interesting but I prefer to see what works in the field. If something comes up while working on scent or rattles it will find it’s way on to this blog to be sure.

      • Bill Panagos Says:

        Not all rattles sound the same. Certain frequencies stimulate while others will yield a negative response. Other times not having a rattle can stimulate but as conditions change, the fish will go negative until they hear a presentation without a rattle make a noise when hitting a rock or a bolder or even just landing on a gravel bottom. I haven’t quite figured it all out yet but my latest research since catch and release opened has brought me some very interesting and conclusive results.

        Bill P.

      • Wayne Carpenter Says:

        Thank you for the thoughtful post Bill. I think you just whetted our appetite to know even more about rattles.

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