Xtreme Bass Tackle™ – Technology and Research = Knowledge and Success

XBT Bait Designer - Wayne Carpenter

The quest to know all there is to know about the relationship between bass and the baits we use is always expanding. Whether it be the research done to produce the baits or individual results that establish success an inside-out method insures dependable results. An inside-out approach takes what works in the field and builds on it. Conversely, what doesn’t work gets tossed out. After that process runs it course what remains is detailed knowledge that can be reliably duplicated over and over. See the list below for what is known about XBT baits:

  • Muskegon Goby™ – New for 2010, designed specifically for Muskegon Lake, Michigan but will have more applications (latest tri-laminate technology)
  • Mayfly™ – New for 2010, strong early results
  • Creature/Beaver St. Clair Crayfish™ – New for 2010, (crossover bait – designed for smallmouth, great for largemouth too)
  • 4″ and 5″ Great Lakes Perch™ – Big fish (latest tri-laminate technology)
  • 4″ and 5″ St. Clair Crayfish™ – Big fish and numbers (crossover bait – designed for smallmouth, great for largemouth too)(drop-shot tube)
  • DST St. Clair Crayfish™ – $30,000 FLW win
  • Erie Goby – Fast action/hit frequently before it reaches the bottom
  • Sand Craw™ – Specialized for use on a sand bottom
  • 4″ Great Lakes Craw™ – Best color for Lake Erie, Burt/Mullet, Elk/Torch, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse Bay
  • DST Great Lakes Craw™ – Trends toward 2 1/2 lbs. and up on Lake St. Clair and connecting waters
  • Firetiger – Schooling fish, bring out before leaving a fished-out spot
  • Canadian Mist – #1 all time for consistency all size bass
  • DST Canadian Mist – Fastest action possible on all sized bass
  • Formula G3™ – #2 all time for consistency, biggest smallmouth caught on XBT baits (7 lbs. 9 oz.), Canadian Open $11,000 finish
  • Slither™ – #3 all time for consistency, can be #1 from opening day through the end of June.
  • Tube Trailers™ – Triggers a bigger bite, strong on schooling bass

Baits introduced in the open market tend to promote baits as an outside-in solution that can greatly increase your catch. This isn’t too far off the mark for budding anglers who are rapidly adding baits and skills sets to their angling. A new bait or new presentation goes a long way toward reaching bass that react to those methods.

For experienced bass anglers who track their results and are pressing for incremental changes the inside-out method leads directly to improvement. Let’s say we are getting small fish in an area we know has larger fish available. We have caught larger fish in the past so we draw on our experience (inside information) and deploy a bait that has been proven to be big bass oriented. Our individual experience leads us to effective solutions (inside-out).

This process works the same when selecting a new bait to buy as it does on the water. Smallmouth are very color selective so adding a missing color to a line of confidence baits bridges the gap. If smaller bass are feeding off the bottom and raising the bait off the bottom gets the big bite then adding drop-shot baits will result in an upgrade to your catch. If a “go to” color has your full confidence then expanding to different profiles in the same color expands your options (i.e. Confidence bait is a 4″ tube…add the same color in an X-worm, drop-shot tube, 5″ tube or skirted twin tail).

For more detail about Xtreme Bass Tackle baits:

Tube Bait Designs with a Purpose – Xtreme Bass Tackle Baits

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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