Fishing The Xtreme Bass Tackle™ Mayfly™ Tube

For the new for 2010 Xtreme Bass Tackle™ tube color, Mayfly™, the season has gotten off to a fast start.  Yes, the mayfly hatch hasn’t started yet but don’t tell the smallmouth that because they want this color now.

This was the first insect matching bait design done through Natural Forage Technology™ and the express purpose was to fill a niche in the bait lineup.  We have goby matching colors, emerald shiner matching, crayfish matching but nothing yet to turn the fish on to a driving force in the forage base: the mayfly hatch.  The hatch will be coming sometime in June (possibly May if it continues to stay warm) and likely last through early August.  The mayfly emerges from the bottom to make it to the surface and hatch to become what we see on land as an assault on any area illuminated with light.

Mayfly - "belly up"

My thoughts on the bait design run along two separate tracks. One way to fish this is to take advantage of the bottom feeding habits of smallmouth bass and present the underside of the Mayfly™ tube to show them the range of colors in the body of the tube and trigger the bite. This “belly up” presentation still allows for the bright top side of the tube to be seen as it rocks from side-to-side and provides a flash of bright with each movement. It will be hard for smallies to ignore so many good reasons to sample it as an easy meal.

Mayfly - "wings up"

Another direction I would like to go is to fish the bait with the bright side on top, or “wings up.” I’ll present the bait this way when casting to surfacing smallmouth. This presentation starts as the bait hits the water and starts its decent. The same triggering concept applies as to how the smallies see the bait. They will see the underside first then the flash of the wings as the bait wobbles during the fall.

What we do know for sure is that the bait has established itself early on Lake St. Clair and is a good choice for starting the day with a bait you can have confidence in.

See the “Anatomy of a Bait Design – Mayfly” for how the Mayfly bait was put together (click on MayflyBanner below):


For more on the species (click on Wicki below):

For more about mayflies on Wickipedia

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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