Lake St. Clair – To Hold ’em or Fold ’em

A classic smallmouth bite relates directly to a spot or an area and has a life span. In early season the bite on spots or in areas can be expanded and life span of the bite extended but there is usually a beginning and end. The decision to stay and hope for the bite to pick up again (hold ’em) or run to a different spot (fold ’em) is a consideration all season long.

Smallmouth stay on the move in schools, visit favorite structures and sometimes hover over them. Their behavior centers around seasonal trends, the presence of forage, wind direction, fishing pressure and more. It’s even more likely they are reacting to more than one of these factors and knowing what is motivating them can be an INDICATOR to tell us whether the bite on a spot will hold up.

Fishing Reports

Using Fishing Spot Specs™ can deliver exactly this kind of information. It’s the best fishing information search engine available and when filled with the right information can deliver powerful results. The right information is the same quality information anglers have come to expect from the Lake St. Clair Combat Bass Fishing Weekly Newsletter™. The same type of information that was in the newsletter for over 10 years is in the database of the website.

Here’s a sample entry from the Combat Bass Fishing Weekly Newsletter #5 July 2007:

“This is one of those periods where it would probably be better to stay on a spot to wait the bass out, or wait out the big bite.  Instead of running to up to 10 spots, having 2 or 3 to work should be more than enough to cash a check.  Shoot for a 17 lb. bag and you could be in the running at this point.  That will change soon as the St. Clair River fish turn on.”

I’m looking forward to providing the same kind of information and more through Fishing Spot Specs™ this year.

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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