Lake St. Clair – Smallmouth Bass Opening Day For Buzzbaits

Anglers who fish are are interested in fishing Lake St. Clair have a strong reaction when I mention catching smallmouth bass on buzzbaits. Most seem surprised that buzzbaits are a serious option for smallies. This is a perfectly understandable reaction when you consider what kind of coverage the topic has received in print or TV; none that I know of.

As far as high percentage presentations go, topwater fishing with buzzbaits is right up there but there are a few things to know to get the best of it. In the early season the buzzbait bite doesn’t emerge the same day the topwater bite picks up on Lake St. Clair. It comes later and that could also be a cause for anglers to give up on it early. If they try buzzbaits when smallmouth are hitting every other type of topwater plug and don’t get bit, why should they try later?

The best way to know when the buzzbait bite has started it to either go to Fishing Spot Specs or subscribe to the weekly research newsletter. The first sign of action on buzzbaits will be reported there.

If you would like to get warmed up on the buzzbait action earlier then go for the largemouth. They get active on topwater action much earlier than smallies and the shallow zones they love are easy to target. Largemouth are real suckers for buzzbaits and if you find them shallow, the action is fast and the bite strong on or before opening day for topwater.

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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3 Responses to “Lake St. Clair – Smallmouth Bass Opening Day For Buzzbaits”

  1. karol Says:

    thanks wayne, can’t wait to use them for big mouths around here in indiana. talked to a muskie guide on webster last saturday and his client caught a 7 lb lg mouth on a 9″ crankbait, maybe we’re using too small a bait in the spring?

    • Wayne Carpenter Says:

      Take the lead Karol I’ll be right behind ya casting those 9″ crankbaits all day long. Once musky season opens up on Lake St. Clair we get similar stories about monster smallmouth on musky baits and it’s a fact. They troll about 5 mph with those baits and can you imagine what is going through a trophy smallmouth’s mind just before it hits the bait…and after?

  2. karol Says:

    and i don’t have a michigan license-ratts!! you’ll have to go first. sorry
    haa haa..karol

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