6/0 Hooks for 5″ Tubes – When to move up

A tube jig with a 6/0 hook fits a 5″ tube like a 4/0 hook fits a 4″ tube, perfect.  Since most tackle sources don’t carry the bigger jig hook and most anglers don’t have them around, the 4/0 hook gets the call most of the time when the bigger tube is in play.  It takes a little skill to fit the 4/0 hook into the bigger tube but it can be done.  I’ve used this approach for years especially during research or practice and haven’t had a problem with losing bass with the smaller hook.  For a tournament however I will use the bigger 6/0 hook most of the time.  So when is it time to switch to the bigger hook and why?

The number one thing to maintain with introducing a new technique to an angler is to sustain their current level of confidence.  Moving up to a 6/0 hook is a logical move but in some cases it might not be the right one.  If an angler is comfortable with the smaller 4/0 hook in the 5″ tube then why switch?  Losing fish is the number one reason to switch and solve the problem.  The opportunity to “move up” to the larger hook with confidence presents itself if it is perceived that fish are being lost with the smaller hook.

The 6/0 hook really sticks fish every time and the performance difference can be noticed immediately.  It also sticks every piece of rock, wood, weed or other structure in the water.  That can cause a real problem with presenting a tube bait.  Fishing time is being spent cleaning debris of the hook or simply breaking off the existing jig because it is caught on something and retying.  This cuts into fishing time and disrupts the flow of an angler’s presentation.  The key here is to recognize that the bigger jig hook functions best in an open water environment.  That way interruptions are kept to a minimum.

So know that the 6/0 hook isn’t a must have item but can be a real plus when used where it performs the best.  I am fortunate to be fishing mostly open water and under competitive conditions, don’t leave home without them.

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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