Lake St. Clair Marked Maps Series 1 & 2

Welcome to the world of Marked Map Series™ maps for bass anglers.  These maps represent years of research and detail on proven spots that have stood the test of time.  During different seasons, varying water levels and from year-to-year these spots fish can hold large numbers or small, big in size or less or may hold nothing at all.  Armed with this level of data you can be sure though that you are fishing a high percentage spot that will tell the story about what the bass are up to and make good choices, save time, save gas and have the best day you can have on the water.

Lake St. Clair Marked Maps™

LAKE ST. CLAIR MARKED MAP SERIES 1™ (15 maps in B&W) $84.98


Metro Beach
The Mile Roads
GR. Point Shores
Windmill Point
The Belle Hump
Fawn Island
Askins Point
Stoney Point
The Firecracker
Lower S Channel
Upper S Channel
Upper N Channel
Lower N Channel
The Stakes 1

Available in Color $99.98 or B/W $79.98


Russell Island North
Fawn Island South
Fair Haven
New Baltimore
Upper Middle Channel
Middle Middle Channel
Low. Middle Channel
Stakes 2
Mitchell’s Bay
Strawberry Island
The Sni
St. Clair Light

Purchase MM Series 1 & 2 together for $174.98 from:

Xtreme Bass Tackle TOLL FREE – (877) 485-2223

or off of Ebay

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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