Bass Fishing Regulations 2010 Overview

Some years the fishing regulations change and we need to keep pace but even if they don’t, it never hurts to review where the rules stand as it concerns us as bass anglers.  Some exciting changes have come our way in the last decade that bring new options to our angling experience.  Extending the season through catch and release, drop-shotting and shifting Ontario regulations come to mind so let’s look at what this means to us.

Catch and Immediate Release Season

  • Lake St. Clair, St. Clair River and Detroit River…from the last Saturday in April – Friday before the 3rd Saturday in June.
  • All lower peninsula waters including Great Lakes…Last Saturday in April – Friday before Memorial Day
  • All upper peninsula waters including Great Lakes…May 15 – Friday before Memorial Day

Opening Day(s) for the regular season

  • Opening Day Inland – Saturday before Memorial Day: All other waters including Great Lakes (see note on page 7 of the Fishing Guide for L. Michigan exceptions)
  • Opening Day Lake St. Clair, St. Clair River, Detroit River – Third Saturday in June
  • Opening Day Ontario – Fourth Saturday in June

If you are planning a trip up to Lake St. Clair the catch and immediate release period would be a good time to come.  It is one of the most active times where both largemouth and smallmouth charge out of winter and into a feeding spree before the spawn.

Opening Day for Ontario is worth noting because it used to be on the last Saturday in June.  During some years it would put the Canadian opener on Lake St. Clair two weeks after the U.S. opener.  Having it on the fourth Saturday means it will always be one week after the U.S. opener every year.  See OMNR regulations for Zone 19

Drop-shot rig OK for Michigan

This rig wasn’t OK because it resembled a snagging rig but updated regulations allow for the surge in popularity in the drop-shot technique for bass on inland lakes, Great Lakes, and Great Lakes Connecting Waters only.  It is not allowed however on rivers, streams or drowned river mouths.  Some drowned river mouth lakes include: Duck, Mona, Muskegon and White Lakes (pages 6 and 19 of the 2010 Michigan Fishing Regulations).

If you are looking for the unusual there are some interesting items in the section, Exceptions to General Regulations by County (pages 16, 17 & 18).

Click here for the full DNR 2010 Michigan Fishing Guide

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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2 Responses to “Bass Fishing Regulations 2010 Overview”

  1. Arnette Azimi Says:

    Hi This is a great site and found the page intriging,this will aid my fishing specially when im fishing for smallmouth,I will check back for updates. Should you ever find some newfound bait be sure to place then on your blog.

    • Wayne Carpenter Says:

      Thank you for the kind words and if you like I can put you on a newsletter emailing list. I roll out newfound baits each year and this year they are: Mayfly, Muskegon Goby and the creature/beaver bait in St. Clair Crayfish. You can be sure if anything happens in my business, it will be on the blog site…thanks again! Wayne

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