FREE Internet Sources – The National Weather Service

The weather forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS) is a FREE internet source I use and recommend for Lake St. Clair or anywhere in the United States.  Although there seems to be an unlimited supply of resources for weather what may not be widely known is that most other weather reporting is based off of the National Weather Service data.  This government resource has a complete range of weather reporting stations across the country including marine forecasts for navigable waters.

Since confidence will catch more fish than any bait or technology I recommend to people to stick with the weather forecasting they have developed confidence in.  Using the NWS forecast can be an additional tool or if it looks like an improvement, perhaps replace a weather service that isn’t meeting your needs right now.  Let’s take a look at what is available on the website:

Front page for the National Weather Service website

From the NWS front page you can get a local forecast by city or zip code, get national and local radar,  jump off to the Marine Forecast and more.

National Weather Service radar page

If you jump off to the Marine Forecast you will see a graphical selection screen with reporting sites from around the country. In this case I selected the Detroit area so I can select the Lake St. Clair forecast.

National Weather Service Marine Forecast graphical selection page

Once I click on Lake St. Clair it takes me to this marine forecast. The one for today is pretty simple as the forecasts go. Normally there is a lot more detail and text but we are in a stable weather pattern at the moment.  You are only seeing a screen shot of the report.  There are a total of five days shown in the actual text of the report.

NWS St. Clair forecast snapshot

To get on the NWS website you can cut and paste this web address:

or click here: National Weather Service

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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