Get The Level of Information You Need

Customer satisfaction is a top priority with all products and services I offer. Let’s take a look at the various information services offered through my business and see what we can do to match you up with exactly the level of information you need:

Bass to the Future™ blog site (FREE) – It’s hard to argue with FREE and the Bass to the Future blog site is an information source that goes beyond product promotion with articles that have the potential to raise your standard of enjoyment in the fishing experience.

No Secrets on Lake St. Clair™ books ($14.95 – $19.95) – These are excellent low cost options to get a quick read on Lake St. Clair and gather some GPS coordinates for your next trip out.

Smallmouth Confidential™ book ($14.95) – Over a decade of work has gone into developing research techniques that locate smallmouth bass and assemble reports that are seasonally accurate and easy to use. This book is filled with these very techniques which you can use anywhere smallmouth bass can be found.

27 Lake St. Clair Marked Maps™ ($169.98) – No product will bring your learning curve down faster than this set of 27 laminated Marked Maps with well over 300 spot references and numerous GPS coordinates.  Proven spots are numbered for sectioned off map areas on Lake St. Clair then a description of each spot is provided on the back.  By using the Marked Maps I’ve had customers catch good numbers of fish with zero prior experience on Lake St. Clair.

Marked Maps Live!™($29.98) – This website provides Live! information from Lake St. Clair which is provided by myself and staff members who frequent the Lake.  As we fish we come across Marked Map spots and report back the action.  The report back includes whether we caught tournament quality bass, average bass or didn’t catch any (zero).  In many cases notes are included in the spot reports.  This service is available to Marked Map owners only.

Fishing Spot Specs™ (Pay by report from $3 to less than $12) – Go to For the latest documented information about action on Lake St. Clair, the St. Clair River and Detroit River for bass.  A powerful search engine lets you select the report format that suits you best.  If you want to know about smallmouth bass in U.S. waters only, or Canada waters only or Walpole only you can search on that and get accurate reports from myself or certified staff reporters.  For FREE you can use multiple search criteria to search the knowledgebase of both current and historical information based on Season, Species, Date, Weather, Bait, Presentation, Forage and more.  The pay-as-you-go format gives you the freedom to select a report when you need it 24/7 and the FREE search engine gives you the power to find what you are looking for before you pay for it.

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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2 Responses to “Get The Level of Information You Need”

  1. Heather Says:

    Exactly what honestly stimulated u to post “Get The Level of Information You Need
    | Capt. Wayne Carpenter’s Bass to the Future”? I actuallydefinitely adored the blog post! Many thanks -Sidney

    • Wayne Carpenter Says:

      Hi Sidney:

      I guess I am catching up a bit with my messages. Thank you for your patience.

      The post “Get The Level of Information You Need” sums up the philosophy behind what I do. If I go out and catch more fish that is fun but not as much as if one of my products helped someone to catch more fish themselves. That is why the post is as broad in information as it is.

      Thanks for taking a look at it,
      Capt. Wayne

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